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Sacha Baron Cohen Convinced This Food Critic He Ate Human Meat–And He Loved It #FACTS AUG. 20, 20-8 food critic Bill Jilla of attended the private tasting of Sacha Baron Cohen's character #RickSherman a recently released #prisoner who is attempting to start anew as a chef. During this tasting, Cohen's Sherman serves #Jilla a number of revolting dishes. One was made with veal that was served in a condom that had been hidden in a man's anus. "This is the best braised veal I've ever had in my lifetime," Jilla said of the dish, which had been aged for eight days in a condom inside a man's rectum
But that wasn't the worst thing #Cohen served this #foodcritic For his final course, Cohen's Sherman brought Jilla human meat. As Sherman told Jilla, the meat was made from a #Chinese man, who had donated his organs after his death

Of course, this is deeply messed up, and no person would (should?) actually eat human meat, but Jill studies the dish for a second and digs right in."It's, like, butter soft," Jilla says, giddily. "Who needs a knife? It's melting on my palette, I do not need to chew it." Then Cohen's Sherman tells Jilla that it "would be a great honor for the family to know someone in the West is enjoying their son." So Jilla turns to the camera and thanks the family for such a tender son

What's strange, besides all of this, is that crashed within an hour of the episode airing at 10 p.m. ET. #COOKSANDCHEFS #FOODNINFO #FOODANDWINE #TASTY #EATERDENVER #303EATS #LEFOODING #USWEEKLY #HUFFPOSTGRAM #LOL #FUNNY #PRANK #NYCEATS #HOLLYWOOD #TSR #ENEWS #VANITYFAIR

#MeToo leader Asia Argento paid off actor who accused her of sexual assault #FACTS AUG. 20, 2018 Actress #AsiaArgento one of the first prominent women to accuse disgraced movie mogul #HarveyWeinstein of sexual assault, agreed to pay $380,000 to an actor who accused her of sexually assaulting him when he was 17 years old, The #NewYorkTimes reported Sunday night

The #actor claimed that the assault took place in a #California hotel room in 2013, according to the report. The age of consent in California is 18

Neither Argento's representatives nor the actor's attorney immediately responded to our request for comment

The newspaper obtained documents sent between lawyers for #Argento and the accuser that laid out a payment schedule. The paper also obtained a photograph dated May 9, 2013 that showed the two lying in a bed together

On that date, according to a notice of intent to sue document sent to Argento's then-lawyer in November, Argento met the actor at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Marina del Rey, Calif. After giving him alcohol, Argento kissed him and performed oral sex on him before the two had sexual intercourse, the report said

The notice of intent asked for $3.5 million in damages. #TheTimes reported that the final agreement was reached in April of this year #COOKSANDCHEFS #FOODNINFO #FOODNETWORK #TRUECOOKS #NYC #LAEATS #HOLLYWOOD #ENEWS #USWEEKLY #CHEFLIFE #ANTHONYBOURDAIN #PARTSUNKNOWN #CNN #OMAGAZINE #NETFLIX #VICELAND #NORESERVATION

CNN is producing an Anthony Bourdain documentary headed for theaters #FACTS AUG. 20, 2018 As fans mourned Anthony Bourdain in June, CNN aired past episodes of his acclaimed food travel series, "Parts Unknown," and proceeded to air the last three episodes in the 11th season of the show.

But there is still more of Bourdain to come

First, the 12th season of " #PartsUnknown " is set to air this fall. The episodes were not finished when #Bourdain died, but the #LosAngeles Times reports producers are using audio of Bourdain from the set to complete the work

Now, #CNN also says it is producing a #documentary film about the continent-hopping #chef who grew up in #Leonia
#VanityFair reports the film will be screened at festivals and be released in theaters before airing on CNN. The report says the film, which could be out by 2019, is currently in pre-production, and that the project is a collaboration with #ZeroPointZero the production company responsible for "Parts Unknown." "As well as we knew Tony, because he did reveal himself in the series, there was still a hunger to know more about him, and to honor his work and celebrate him," #AmyEntelis CNN's executive vice president for talent and content, told Vanity Fair. "The documentary format became one of the more obvious ways to go." Bourdain, who when 61 when he died by suicide in #France on June 8, was born in #NewYork but attended Englewood's Dwight-Englewood High School and spent his summers at the Jersey Shore

The writer, chef and ultimate #foodie dedicated a 2015 episode of "Parts Unknown" to New #Jersey and did the same 10 years prior with his Travel Channel series, "No Reservations." #COOKSANDCHEFS #FOODNINFO #FOODNETWORK #LEFOODING #FOODANDWINE #TASTY #NYC #LAEATS #EATERDENVER #HUFFPOSTGRAM #CHEFLIFE #HOLLYWOOD #NETFLIX #VICELAND #OMAGAZINE

Gunshot victim training to become chef without sight, sense of smell #FACTS AUG. 18, 2108 The bullet took his sight and sense of smell, but not his vision

#MortelCrawford 31, is training to become a professional #chef He is one semester away from his Metro Community #College graduation and a #culinaryartsdegree

As he carefully works his knife through leafy #lettuce and juicy tomatoes, you may not realize he's blind. That is, until he gets up to grab an onion, and reaches for his stick "I see pitch black darkness, I don't see nothin'," Crawford said

Crawford was shot in the head in July of 2011. He says he and his friends were in the car on the way to the liquor store during the early morning hours when shots rang out. Crawford only remembers waking up in the hospital to darkness "It's real scary I would say, it's something I had to adapt to," Crawford said, "I was angry for awhile." The anger from losing the ability to see and smell turned to motivation thanks to his son, Mortel Jr "He is the joy of my life," Crawford said, "I want him to know that no matter what happens in your life, that you can still do anything you set your mind to." After being reintroduced to #cooking via a home management class at #Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Crawford set his mind on becoming a chef

He is working part time at Big Mama's Kitchen, where he expertly feels his way around the kitchen, picking out his own produce, bowls, knives and cutting boards. "I love it because it's a challenge and I love to create things that other people love to enjoy," Crawford said #COOKSANDCHEFS #FOODNINFO #FOODNETWORK #FOODANDWINE #TASTY #EATER #LEFOODING #HUFFPOST #CHEFLIFE #EATERDENVER #USWEEKLY #COOKS #JAMESBEARD #MICHELINSTAR #LONDON #LA #HOLLYWOOD #VICELAND

“Waiting” #FACTS AUG. 17, 2018 pumpkin-flavored products for fall 2018 are already in full swing, and there are plenty more on the way, the following is some of our fave’s
1. Pumpkin Spice #FrostedFlakes - Yes, folks, the rumors are true: this new #cereal shakeup is expected to hit shelves in September. Kellogg's tells Bustle that "this tasty cereal has caramelized #pumpkin aromatics delivering brown sweet cinnamon and a touch of allspice and ginger." 2. Pumpkin Spice Noosa - The new #noosa Pumpkin Spice Mate is available now, and includes pumpkin spice noosa paired with "Purely Elizabeth granola, white chocolate chips and pumpkin seeds." 3. #GODIVA Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Spice G Cubes - These G Cubes will be available online in stores on September 10, in both 10-piece and 22-piece box options. Also hitting GODIVA boutiques will be a frozen Pumpkin Spice Chocolixir, perfect for that transition from summer to fall

4. Pumpkin Spice Rx Bars - I am not really an ~energy bar~ person, but honesty hour, I probably snacked on one of these every single calendar day last October. The Pumpkin Spice is by far the best flavor, so stock up while you can #cooksandchefs #FOODNINFO #FOODNETWORK #EATER #TRUECOOKS #NYC #LAEATS #TASTY #CHEFLIFE #LA #LOL #FUNNY #JOKES

Bon Appétit reveals the 2018 Hot 10 🎥.. @nonesuchokc (#1) #FACTS AUG. 17, 2018 #BonAppétit has revealed the 2018 #Hot10 the magazine's ranking of the country's 10 best new #restaurants

Sitting in the No. 1 spot this year on the annual list is a small, tasting-menu #restaurant tucked away in #OklahomaCity that gets its inspiration from #Nordiccooking but uses local ingredients

Bon Appétit editor-at-large #AndrewKnowlton told "CBS This Morning" on Tuesday he actually discovered the restaurant, #Nonesuch on Instagram "Just one late-night session going through the rabbit hole ... and I came upon this dish made of ice and it had all these pickled vegetables, and I took it to Julia, and I was like, 'Should I go to Oklahoma City?" Knowlton said

He was joined by Bon Appétit deputy editor #JuliaKramer who along with Knowlton put this year's list together. Nonesuch aside, Kramer said they noticed restaurants are moving away from the more formal nature of tasting menus and simply cooking what they love to eat "One of the restaurants on our list is called Yume Ga Arukara. It's in Cambridge," Kramer said. "They only make one thing. They make a bowl of Udon and that's it." Here is Bon Appétit's full list:
1. @NonesuchOKC (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
2. @MaydanDC (Washington, D.C.) 3. @UglyBabyNYC (Brooklyn, New York)
4. @Freedmans_LA (Los Angeles, California)
5. @NyumBai (Oakland, California)
6. @NimblefishPDX (Portland, Oregon)
7. @CheFico (San Francisco, California)
8. @YumeGaArukara (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
9. @DriftersWife (Portland, Maine)

Meet the NFL Player-Turned-Chef Opening an Oyster Bar in DC #FACTS AUG. 17, 2018 On a humid afternoon in July, #TobiasDorzon looks around in awe at his soon-to-be, two-story #oysterbar and lounge. He can hardly believe that in a few weeks time, this will be his. Managers and construction workers buzz around the building. A power drill goes off in the background “I slept here last night,” Dorzon says. “I literally went home to shower and came back. Just to say something is yours, it’s crazy.” Dorzon, 33, is a former #NFL player and #personalchef to professional athletes. Soon, he’ll also be the chef and co-owner of the #newUnionOysterBar & Lounge, which will open near #UnionMarket (501 Morse St., NE) the first week of September. The 4,000-square-foot restaurant will feature a range of oysters, #seafood dishes, and brick-oven pizza. There will be plenty of liquor options between the #whiskey bar, wine bar, and #cocktails crafted by beverage manager #CalvinHines Jr., the former general manager of Art and Soul Restaurant

Taking a page out of Old Ebbitt Grill’s book, the bar will host a late night happy hour, from 10 PM to 1 AM. He envisions a place with a “grown feel” where people can listen to a three-piece live band in the lounge, pair whiskey with a cigar, or feast on jerk #seabass and jumbo lump #crabcakes

Dorzon—whose birth name is Bloi-Dei but prefers his middle name, Tobias—is the owner of Victory Chefs, a private catering business. He also operates #VictoryTruck a mobile eatery in #DC and #Maryland serving dishes like mac and cheese with deep-fried lobster tail and #HennessyFrenchToast
Dorzon offers some wise words for young black #entrepreneurs and budding chefs: “Never let anybody put a cap on what you want to achieve. There are things we want to accomplish in life, things that we’re scared to chase because we think it might not get done because of our skin color. But nobody can rewrite the book that God already made for us.” Even though his restaurant hasn’t even opened yet, Dorzon is already dreaming big. Really big. His next mission is to be on the cover of Food & Wine #FOODNINFO #FOODNETWORK #TRUECOOKS #NYC #LAEATS #COOKSANDCHEF #EATERLA #LA

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