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If only I would post more dinners. It would be my menus that I could look back at and get inspired.
This ones a staple
Cauliflower rice (details @betweencarpools)
Shawarma chicken - sauté onion, add chicken and shawarma seasoning (salt if needed)
Roasted eggplant, salad and Techina
#dinnerdone #chicken #shwarmachicken

After a post Passover break to carb load we’re back to eating balanced dinners.
Grilled chicken, quinoa, sweet chili green beans and sweet potato.
Recipe for grilled chicken from #freshandeasykoshercooking. Recipe for green beans from @betweencarpools. #healthy #dinner #grilledchicken

One of my favorite ways to eat avocado on matzah. Concept credit goes to my mother in law.
Slice avocado in wedges, cut grape tomatoes in half. Optionally add thin onion slices. Season with fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper. Photo by @estiphotography for @betweencarpools #avocado #matzah #pesach #passover #avocadotoast 😬

My sister doesn’t think pesach is an excuse not to have homemade tacos. The recipe still isn’t perfect (her words) so we will have to have her keep on making them for us until she gets tired and shares the recipe. #tacos #shreddedbeef #pesach #passovertacos #nongebrokts

It’s dips time!! My favorite pesach dips are creamy avocado, crushed tomatoes and mock Techina. Find those recipes in bio link. This year I’m thinking of making the mock Techina with almond flour. Will keep you posted. #dips #pesachrecipes #pesach #pesachdips

My pesach staples. The ones that freeze well. This year I added the most amazing no mixer chocolate chip bars (in my case chocolate chunks).
Duck sauce - great for meats or dipping egg rolls
Crinkle cookies - nut free. A pain to roll but worth every bite.
Caramelized French roast (mid cooking) the best roast all year round hands down!
Green apple and pineapple sauce (before it cooked)
All the recipes are on @betweencarpools.

Today was all about cleaning, breaking fights, cleaning up after breakfast, lunch and supper and in-between all the chometz my kids made @betweencarpools biscotti. Our favorite? @thepreppykitchen cc stix. Yes it’s a pesach recipe. And we used bars of chocolate cut into chunks. Check out the recipes on @betweencarpools site or app. Or click on temporary link in the bio. #pesachbiscotti #pesachrecipes #passoverrecipes #yesitskosherforpassover #almondflour #glutenfree

Ants 🐜? Nope. @reneemullerstyling and I were just talking about chocolate sprinkles on bread (in her case on Matzah!) Kids all over Europe, Israel and South America love these chocolate sprinkles! #chocolatesprinkles #sprinkles

Chop chop salad. Finely chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, lettuce and feta cheese (optional parsley) season with salt, pepper, lemon and olive oil. The perfect breakfast salad. Find an exact recipe on @betweencarpools. Just search “chop chop”. #chopchopsalad #salad #breakfast #brunch

For those following my story from last week. I said goodbye to pizza for a 20 day challenge. But then guest showed up. And what else should I serve them if not fresh Pizza?? It’s half spelt. Does that count?? #pizza #moitzieshabbos

Cinnamon sticks. Just an excuse to “use” up the flour. Who am I kidding. I don’t need an excuse to make these. #freshandeasykoshercooking #cinnamonsticks #dessert

There! A much better photo. Thanks for friends like @estiphotography who can make things look even prettier than in real life. Perfect Purim day to give flowers. Cookies are made using a cookie cutter with imprinter (@betweencarpools). Label by @mydesignmg. Basically I find friends who have a talent I don’t have 😝. @victoriadwek and @reneemullerstyling I didn’t forget about you (how could they, I nudge them all the time for editing and styling.)

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