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Urtė 🌱 plant-based recipes  • on the go 🇱🇹🇩🇪🇬🇧🇸🇬🇦🇹🇳🇱🇩🇰 📍Copenhagen 💌

This was most probably the easiest to make yet most delicious meal I’ve made in a long time. Cauliflower might seem a little boring but trust me on this one. And how pretty does it look? 😍
Created by @thefauxmartha , adapted by @sproutedkitchen - check the recipe in Sara’s blog under Curry Cauliflower 👏🏼

Tropical breakfast vibes 🌴
Recipe will be posted on the comments later today ✨

Those who know me well know my favourite food is sushi BUT! I think I love poke bowls even more, especially when you can customize them and they have a good chili sauce. @mauicph have by far the best poke I’ve eaten + you can choose between a base of rice, quinoa, kale or a mix of any of those 👌🏼 I mean.. can it get any better than this? Make sure you check them out if you’re in Copenhagen 💯

Hello hello hello you beautiful people!
It’s been more than 3 months since I’ve last posted something on here, and let me explain why.
I’ve been going through many changes in the last months and I needed some time to adapt to them. I’ve moved countries, changed my environment in all aspects, have gotten a dream job that I love spending time on, started learning a new language, invested time in building true and supportive friendships, and focused on listening to what really makes me happy.
I really want to keep this little food sharing space alive and I promise that I will soon be back with some pretty (& mostly breakfast) food pictures for inspiration.
I’m sending all my love to you, actual friends and virtual followers that give me nothing but support for having this little big love for plant-based foods. Thanks for reminding me that you see & hear me. All the smiles are for you☀️
Lots of love, U. ♥️

Good morning! ☀️ This week I’ve been the most sick I’ve been in years 😱 so not fun. But it really does make you appreciate how lucky one is to be healthy ❤️
This is a breakfast I had yesterday - I was making a chia pudding and I wanted to try out some new toppings. @healthyhappened ’s idea of using tahini in breakfast definitely paid out 👏🏼✨ I’m moving through her book and every single recipe is just amazing 👌🏼 definitely check her out! 🥙

Avo toast any day any time. Who’s with me?? 😍
Does anyone from Copenhagen know where I can get good quality za’atar? I’ve been saving the one that I received from Israel but I’m almost out 😭
Have a great day and an exciting start of the weekend! ❤️

Açaí-less yet açaí-tasting smoothie at your disposal ❤️ have a beautiful Wednesday everyone!

Good morning! ☀️
Hope you’re all starting your week with a positive mindset 🧘‍♀️
Here’s a smoothie bowl topped with goodness. I love making bowls out of smoothies because that makes them feel more like a filling meal + you can top it with so many delicious add-ones. Do you prefer smoothies or smoothie bowls? 🌱

Dreaming of the warm days when we brunched at Erich in Vienna 👏🏼
Happy weekend everyone! ❤️

Another freezing yet good morning ☀️ can’t wait for spring to come 😬❄️
Here is a throwback to summer and a burrata salad I made for my father 👏🏼
it also reminds me of my dear friend Lisa who used to make the best burrata salad in the world during our Master studies 😭❤️ bring me back? 🙋🏽‍♀️

Good morning ☀️ I started my day extra early today to squeeze in a good workout; I’m feeling strong and ready for the upcoming week 💪🏼🙋🏽‍♀️
If anyone asks for my favourite home-cooked meal, chances are high I’m going to tell you it’s these stuffed sweet potatoes. I’ve made them for plenty of my friends already and they all seemed to highly approve (shoot if otherwise! 😅) . They’re soooo yummy, filled with black beans, spinach, feta, onions and garlic & many spices such as cumin, paprika & chili. Perfect for these freezing winter days ❄️😬

Hello, beautiful people! I just finished a workshop in Helsinki which is still decorated and full of Christmas trees. The snow makes me happy though ❄️ Here is a beetroot buckwheat salad with an earthy tahini sauce - so good!! 🌱
Can’t wait to get home and rest. Wishing you a beautiful upcoming Friday and weekend 🧘‍♀️

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