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Cooking With Sukhi  Masterchef contestant|foodie| recipes|food consultant! All my pics! #cookingsukhi Work, invites and collaborations email ✉️ info@cookingwithsukhi.com


A carnivores platter tonight at the famous Makhan fish and chicken corner! He's famous for his fish and I tried it many times! So I wanted to see if anything else was decent on his menu or was it a one hit wonder?? To get the full details you'll have to read my blog on Amritsari cuisine! I'm loving this journey! I'm thankful for being so blessed to do all this in the name of research!! Join the food journey and follow @cooking_with_sukhi

Follow @cooking_with_sukhi To keep to date with my food journey!! Amritsari fish from Makhan's is to die for! It has an ever so light batter of gram flour chilli powder and carom seeds! The magic comes from his special blend of spices he sprinkles liberally over the fish! The fish is fried twice and I'm smoking mustard oil! The exterior is very crunchy and the inside is so delicate! The fish they use is called Sangara will is caught from the river Beas locally to Amritsar! Served with a mint, coriander and chilli chutney! You'll be ordering a second round I can assure that! A Patiala peg with Amritsari fish is the perfect end to the day!!

Would you like to know how many calories are on this Punjabi thali from Kesars dhaba? Nor do I! A guilty pleasure! It's said by many if you don't visit Kesar's your journey to Amritsar is incomplete! I checked this landmark off my bucket list! Aloo paratha thali! Very reasonably price! All this for around £3.25! It's not a conventional paratha, it's cooked in the tandoor! With lightly crushed coriander and cumin seeds added another dimension to this delight! We also tried the karahi paneer which I would say is a must! The dal is cooked in huge proportions and simmered for 24 hours! The glistening red addition is spices tempered in ghee to take this perfect dal to another level! The chickpea curry was delicious, the yoghurt was lightly spiked with black salt! The condiments of red onions and home made lemon pickle enhanced the whole experience! Tip: Go for brunch, you won't have to eat again for the rest of the day!! Follow @cooking_with_sukhi to be part of journey conquering food around India!!

What do you do on Sunday evening in Amritsar? You try roasted chicken over coals! Lightly marinated chicken packs a full whack of flavour! Before the chicken you need a couple of glasses of whisky to wake the Punjabi foodie! Loving eating like a local today thanks to @taste_of_amritsar @santdeepsinghmajithia! Looking forward for some more epic food stories from the back streets of Amritsar! Loving the start of my journey! Follow @cooking_with_sukhi to travel on this epic food journey!!

Kozhi mutta roast- which is boiled eggs with spices, onions and tomato masala! I tried this dish when I first arrived and loved it so much I came back for the same today! The flavours of the masala marries so well with the boiled eggs! This is a recipe I'm going to practice to share with you all! I hope you're enjoy yourselves as much as I am!! Follow @cooking_with_sukhi for some amazing food related stories!!

There is something really hypnotic watching the preparation of a fresh curry paste for a traditional chicken and potato curry in Kerala! I've had an amazing day learning Syrian catholic cuisine of Kerala! I can't wait to share these recipes with you all! www.cookingwithsukhi.com

My last meal in Trivandrum, Kerala and boy was it amazing! Fish with Keralan spices, onions, garlic and cooked in a banana leaf! It was superb! Looking forward to learning traditional recipes of Kerala! 🥙🥙 www.cookingwithsukhi.com

Weekend food goals are the best, but when I'm cooking it feels like the weekend everyday! But again it's the chicken and egg theory on a plate! Chicken curry and egg bhurji! What came first?? I don't care they both taste equally as delicious! You can find both recipes on my website: www.cookingwithsukhi.com

The first time I tried cauliflower with honey, garlic and chilli was in Chandigarh at my sister's wedding and since then it's a family favourite on weekends! Hope you're all planning to cook some of my recipes from my website: www.cookingwithsukhi.com

Follow @cooking_with_sukhi for the best Indian recipes and food pics to make your mouth water!! This could quite possibly be the best vegetarian meal I have ever had! Dal makhani- cooked slowly for hours with a desi ghee tarka, freshly made tandoori roti, slivers of red onions, fresh green chillies, lemon pickle all washed down with sumptuous glass of cardamom lassi! The belt needs to be loosened whilst devouring this indulgent meal! This meal should come with a warning: eating this may make you drowsy and you will need a nap! I'm going for a nap!! www.cookingwithsukhi.com

FOLLOW ME FOR MORE DELICIOUS RECIPES: @cooking_with_sukhi Tariwala chicken, Punjabi pilau rice and a simple garnish of red onions and green chillies! Simply heavenly! Tariwala chicken is not seen on restaurant menus very often, but it is the highlight in an Indian’s kitchen and we grew up eating it.
I learnt the recipe from my dad, who was a master at making this dish. In fact, I have fond memories of him cooking a huge batch whenever he’d host a drinks party with his friends, where they would all eat bowls full of it whilst drinking whisky.
The dish worked well then and it most certainly holds its magical appeal today, although my version uses ingredients you tend to have in your pantry as whole spices weren’t readily available when my parents first moved to England.
So give my chicken curry a try – you just might end up creating some happy memories of your own.

Happy Onam to all celebrating today! Today was a very historic day indeed: a Keralite tiger met a Punjabi lion! 😂😂😂😂 so glad to be in Kerala coincidently on this auspicious day!! www.cookingwithsukhi.com

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