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Healthy pumpkin CHOCOLATE CHIP bread that’s free of NUTS, dairy, and gluten! 🎃🍫I frequently get asked for nut free recipes, so here is an absolutely DELICIOUS one that requires simple pantry ingredients! The recipe is linked in my bio and in my stories! Happy Monday! 🎃 🍫 🍞

New recipe alert: HEALTHY Peanut butter BALLS dipped in chocolate (link in bio)! 🍫🥜 Ya’ll, these are INSANELY amazing and taste just like the peanut butter balls my mom makes around the holidays except they’re less sugar filled but I promise JUST as good! They only require FIVE ingredients too. Click the link in my bio for the recipe or head to my stories to get the swipe-up link! Happy Saturday!

My first experience with therapy/counseling was at 10 years old. I developed separation anxiety, and every so often, it continues to rear its ugly head, especially through seasons of change. Freshman year of high school I went to counseling bc I was having a hard time, and last weekend I went again for the first time in 3 years, but I was too embarrassed to share on here. Mental health is NOT talked about enough, and when it is, people don’t take it seriously which I see first hand at school. Though, one of my recent aspirations for this account is to break the stigma around mental health. You can drink that green smoothie and do a certain workout, but if you don’t have mental clarity, you, my friend, are not healthy. Today on #worldmentalhealthday, I am speaking up and using my voice for the people who are too afraid to use theirs. Xx, Emily -
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Happy Monday! In my house, we can never have apple pie (or any pie for that matter) without vanilla ice cream to “balance out the richness” of the flavors as my dad would say 😉🍎🍦Yesterday before going to work (which is ironically where this pie is from lol), I ate some pie with @eatmudco’s vanilla “mouse” (I call it ice cream)! It’s made with such simple, organic, and REAL ingredients: coconut cream, dates, cashews, pure vanilla, Madagascar vanilla bean. That’s IT. Don’t get me wrong, I love ice cream that’s made with sugar, dairy, etc, but it’s so great to have other options that aren’t. Hey, that just means there’s more of a variety to choose from, right? 😏I enjoy both and think it’s important to share that. Now l, who wants to come over for some pie and @eatmudco vanilla?? 🙋🏻‍♀️ if you want to try @eatmudco and order it online, the code cooking_emily10 can get you 10% off your purchase (affiliate). Hope you all had a great weekend!

Post-wedding eats: TOAST! Last night was such a blast and I haven’t had that much fun in forever. The bride was SO beautiful and it was such a magical night! More toast to fuel our tired but happy bodies—-> 2 slices @alvaradostreetbakery bread toasted, 2 fried eggs (I do this in my @lodgecastiron skillet with avocado oil), mashed avocado, salsa, and sautéed spinach and onion on the side. This is how we do Sunday morning 🙌🏼💯😍Have a wonderful day!💕

Pre-wedding fuel🤩 Finally opened a bottle of mustard after not having some for 2 months and I forgot how good it make a sandwich 😂 It’s the little things, ya’ll. @alvaradostreetbakery flax bread + avocado + @traderjoes smoked turkey breast + roasted golden beet slices, a mixture of seeds, and mustard. Crazy combo of shiz, I know, but super good! Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday- headed to take a shower and get ready for a wedding tonight, WOHOO! Haven’t been to one in over a year so I’m pumped. 💃🏼

GUYS, I got a chocolate bar silicone mold and it’s SO fun to play around with! I made some peanut butter chocolate puffed rice bars and they turned out pretty good, ngl😍 I did learn tho that if I sweeten my chocolate bar with honey, it will crystalize and make he top of the chocolate bars a little bumpy. It’s crazy how much cooking/baking is related to SCIENCE. Stay tuned for a full recipe 😝🍫 Happy Thursday!

It dawned on me this past week as to what a privilege it is to eat healthy. For me, last week was BUSY and fun and I loved it, and I ate whatever was CONVENIENT and fast. While I’m fortunate that I have access to pretty wholesome packaged food, packaged is packaged. I don’t feel guilty for whatever I ate last week, but I have noticed that I don’t feel GREAT. I feel more brain fogged and don’t have as much energy, but I still don’t want to spend 2 or 3 hours in the kitchen on a Sunday before I have to work all day... and I know parents don’t even HAVE the time to do so with kids occupying their time 24/7. Here are my 2 biggest tips if you don’t want to spend an unrealistic amount of time in the kitchen but want some fresh foods ready to go: 1.) turn on some tunes and take 15-20 minutes to wash some veggies and cut them up. 2.) Roast a few things in the oven all at ONCE to save time! I roasted a butternut squash on Sunday for 40 minutes and halfway thru I put an egg frittata in the oven too to save time! Now I have both for an easy breakfast/lunch/snack during the week. What’s your go-to food that’s fast and nutritious??

healthy HALLOWEEN Candy Recipe #1: PEANUT BUTTER CUPS! Ya’ll, the peanut butter filling of these gems is on a whole new LEVEL. They are made with just five SIMPLE ingredients and you are going to LOVE! Click the link in my bio for the recipe! #cookingemilynobakes #cookingemilydesserts

My all-time favorite toast combination: @alvaradostreetbakery bread (love their sourdough, whole wheat, & flax seed ones!) + avocado + some type of egg- lately I’ve been loving scrambled @vitalfarms eggs but poached and fried are so good too! Only in the past year have I been eating run yolks- before that, I was always afraid to🙊 Are you a fan of runny yolks?? What’s your fave way to eat 🍳 🥚?! Let me know below 👇🏻Hope you all have a great Thursday evening! I’m SO excited to be making homemade almond milk tonight with a fun new machine that I’ll be sharing all about on my stories- stay tuned! PS: If you want me to healthify one of your fave Halloween candies, head to my stories to let me know which one! 🎃🍁🍫

I take role as #teammom v seriously 😏 I baked up some mini chocolate banana muffins for our first Powderpuff (girl’s football) practice 🍌🍫🍞 Maybe we can bribe the other team with muffins, yeah? Haha! Recipe for these DELISH, paleo Banana Chocolate Muffins is linked in my bio! All the ingredients needed are listed below for you to see! Happy Tuesday, friends! -
• almond flour (@bobsredmill) • baking soda • cocoa powder • coconut or white sugar • bananas • egg (@vitalfarms)
• coconut oil • maple syrup
Optional: chocolate chips

Blueberry PANCAKES on a Monday, yes please! We had late start at school today which meant extra time to make breakfast. It was my 1st time trying @simplemills pancake/waffle mix, and oh my word, guys, it was legit. Added blueberries to the batter and ooo oo oo, was it good! Ate it with a @vitalfarms egg, fresh tomatoes, and avocado for a little sweet ‘n savory action 👅 Hope you all had a peaceful Monday!

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