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AND.......🥁🥁🥁🥁 it’s CHRISTMAS 🎄 here in Winchester. And time to dust off your ⛸ because the ice rink has opened too. Surprisingly, the market was pretty packed on the 1st day and a trader was already making a HUGE batch of mulled wine in his cauldron. I’ve added a few more Christmas ornaments to my collection - the more whimsical, the better. I’m looking forward to hosting a few IGers in December. Can’t wait! (Wow. I can’t believe how chirpy I sound. Normally, I’m 🤪 or 😑 before 12pm).

It’s freezing ❄️, grey and it’s a Saturday which means it’s the perfect condition to lie in bed and catch up on my reading. I have hardcovers 📚 that look “intellectual” and perfect as a photography prop but I’ll be honest, my brain 🧠 can’t deal with anything too clever 🤓 or colourful prose 🤪 that mystifies my simple mind. I’ve been laughing my head off reading “Watching The English” (book in the photo) and then getting some much needed sensible advice 🧐from the Proverbs (book in the photo too).

Regressing to my bad habits.....people watching. If I could pick a super power, it’d definitely be invisibility or hmm.... 🤔 being able to teleport and save a fortune in ridiculous train fares.
I’ve also finally bought myself noise isolating in ear headphones after my brain nearly 🤯 (these new emojis are AWESOME!!) listening to hours of incessant chatters at tween’s after school clubs.

Brought along the bare necessities on our glamping adventure while "roughing it" in a shepherd's hut. 3 different books (just in case I got bored with the other 2), all the ingredients required to put together our breakfast (French toast drenched in maple syrup, tinned peaches and bacon), pre-cooked beef stew and @CopellaJuice to quench our thirst.
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I’ve been pondering about life’s mysteries and human behaviors. Yes, I know..... I spend way too much time on the train, tube, toilet (like fixing my make up and stuff. Err....you know what I mean) and airports and the mind starts to wander.
1. If you want to receive kindness, you first have to give it.
2. Gratitude is like compounding interest. It’s a tiny investment but the reward keeps growing incrementally and has a profound effect on both parties
3. No matter how good looking you are but if your attitude stinks, you’re just a good looking 💩.

I’ve always found eulogies strange (I do ponder upon the oddest things). It’s an occasion where people wax lyrical about someone who’s dead and can’t even hear what’s being said about them. It’s for the benefit of everyone except the deceased. Wouldn’t it be better if we just express our gratitude and edify a person when he or she’s alive? Those kind and uplifting words would’ve had a far more positive and compelling influence throughout the person’s life. #randomfridaythoughts

Life within the walled city when there are no tourists to be found (well, ok...maybe 2 if you count me and the tween).

Just about the ONLY time I got up at the crack of dawn whilst I’m on a holiday to check out the sunrise 🌅. Even the sheep 🐑 and horses 🐎 on the farm couldn’t be arsed to get up. Smart 4 legged creatures.

It’s been ages since I posted anything stark and grey that is indicative of today’s weather. Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the positive response to my previous posts about starting a badass photo revolution. For most of us, it’ll be a very gradual change of the usual Instagram landscape but inspiring and thought provoking nonetheless. Someone mentioned that no one likes reality and whether I was willing to sacrifice followers. I like the fact that we’re all different and are able to choose our own tribe. For me, I think a dose of reality and a mixture of aspirational photos are a perfect combination but I’d rather not get so hung up about numbers. To me, Instagram is more about building a COMMUNITY of PEOPLE (actual humans) who share ideas and photos, have a bit of fun (ok, a bit too much at times) as well as being a platform where many of us develop long standing friendships and a satisfying career. Amen. Whew, that was a long and rather passionate spiel. Go forth and may the Force be with you. And oh yeah...I’m really into 🤜🏻🤛🏻 these days.

Recently, we took off on a glamping adventure to explore the countryside in its cold autumnal splendour. I've got a slight (ok, MAJOR) obsession with shepherd's huts at the moment, particularly pretty ones that come fully equipped with electricity and a proper bathroom. Nothing beats having breakfast and a glass of @CopellaJuice Cloudy Apple juice with a splendid view of the rolling hills, sleepy horses and sheep grazing outside.
Here's a trivia. Did you know each bottle of @CopellaJuice contains 5 different varieties of apples?
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It’s been a little crazy trying to pack work, childcare and everything in between. So on weekends and days when I’m working from home (read between the lines - I don’t want to cook), it’s great to have this @higgidy frittata that’s pastry-free and packed with veggies, which I can pop in the oven along with sweet roasted cherry tomatoes!You can check out @higgidy’s full range of frittatas - 'Welsh Goats Cheese & Leek', 'Chorizo Feta & Roasted Peppers', and 'Spinach Feta & Cherrybell Peppers' available now at @waitrose and @tescofood from November 6.

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Last weekend, I was showing a close friend of mine photos I’d taken 17 years ago during my backpacking days. It reminded me of a time when all I wanted to capture was life as it was. People hauling piglets to the market, life in an ethnic minority village (in one of the poorest provinces in China) and documenting stories of the people I’d come across....etc (which I’ve never published). I like pretty photos but I LOVE ones that depict real life (much like my cellulite and wobbly waistline) where there’s full of imperfections like this one of Kotor along with slightly dilapidated houses, garden hose etc. I’m also tired of seeing the same type of images (even mine!!) plastered all over Instagram. You know what? I’m ready for a badass photo revolution. 🤜🏻🤛🏻

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