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Marlene  UK based fashion & lifestyle photographer. From 🌏Borneo & 🐑 N.Z. 📮 : 🖊 :

Posting more photos of Ostuni only because the weather's tons better there than the North Pole chill in the UK. And I got to shoot @loisavery and her luxurious cashmere scarves. yeah. Forgot, I usually suffer from Mondayitis so this is an unusually long caption.

Happy Mother's Day to all mommies out there. I wanted to write something very meaningful but the brain cells aren't fired up yet. I need a few more cups of ☕️.

Just out of curiosity, how did you all pick your Instagram ID? If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't have picked cookiesncandies. As you can tell on my feed, I neither bake nor eat cookies much but I keep getting tagged by many who do.

It's a weird world we live in, thanks to social media. When Instagrammers finally meet up, we only recognize each other by our Instagram handle. Like ohhh you're @cookiesncandies! And you're @angrybaker! And neither of us resemble a cookie or look remotely angry. Anyway, back to the photo, thank you @jo_prado for patiently modelling for me when I was shooting @loisavery cashmeres!

Yesterday's attack in Westminster hit way too close to home. How many of us have crossed the bridge and stood on the sidewalk to snap a photo of Big Ben as so many of the innocent victims have done?

First time wearing summer clothes this year and getting a proper dose of Vitamin D. 📷: @loisavery

I jokingly suggested to @loisavery and @jo_prado that they knock back a glass of vino or two to loosen up before the shoot. I had NO idea what lightweights they were after ONE glass of prosecco. They got VERY VERY happy and giggled about EVERYTHING including fries that looked like crisps 😳🙄😑. Note to self: Never ask a client to drink or get sugar high before a shoot.

@loisavery, @jo_prado and I were probably the ONLY people in the entire Puglia region garbed in summer 👗 dresses in 22°C heat while everyone else was tightly wrapped up in thick puffer jackets. They thought we were bonkers. Jaws hit the ground as we walked past. Many even approached us to ask whether we felt cold. Nope, we're properly British now. One hint of sunshine and it's summer to us 😉

Draped in the latest @loisavery collection in the shade of rosé wine. Come along to Lois Avery Pop Up at Haymarket Hotel, London on Saturday 25 March from 2-5pm. RSVP Essential. Email:

Tuk-tukking through the narrowest streets of Ostuni and decorating the town with @loisavery Italian made cashmere scarves.

#throwback to the wisteria INSTA-craze last year. If it wasn't for Instagram, I would have paid absolutely no attention to cherry blossoms-magnolia-wisteria seasons. I'm in the beautiful town of Ostuni at the moment. More on my Stories.

@monicabeatrice got me hooked on podcasts sometime ago. Needless to say, I was thrilled to photograph her and @cocosteaparty's launch of their very first podcast. Head over to their profile and click on their link to have a listen. First episode talks about "Social media and comparison" - a very prevalent topic these days.

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