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Marlene Lee  UK based fashion & lifestyle photographer. From 🌏Borneo & 🐑 N.Z. 📮 : 📷 :

Where I'm hoping to spend this summer. #latergram. Longer caption due to a much improved Mondayitis syndrome, thanks to to ☀️☀️☀️.

This photo reminds me of the numerous times when I had an inflated idea of myself speaking French when it actually sounded like gibberish to the locals. Little wonder why they all nodded and smiled kindly and then told me they REALLY REALLY had to practice their English.

I've been in a pain filled fog for the past 10 days so posting cheerful looking photos to brighten myself up. On a more positive note, I'm told that I've received many nominations for Best Photographer over at the Muddy Stilettos Hampshire Award. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful surprise and support. If you feel like voting, please head over to @muddyhants profile page and click on the link below.

Wassup with this 🌧☔️🌬 spring weather?! As you can tell, I haven't posted many photos of England because I'm dying for some sunshine (even a hint of ☀️is better than none). Here's @loisavery modelling her specially designed Bengal Kitten cashmere scarf.

Posing Asian style.
1. Make someone with a long arm take the wefie and stand waaaay back so that your face looks peanut sized. It's all about having a small face.

2. Poke yourself in the cheeks. Don't ask. I have no idea why.

3. Puff out your cheeks to look like a pufferfish. The aim is to look cute. Even if you're middle aged.
4. Pretend to cup your face so that you have a nice V shaped jaw. Yes. That's right.

5. Here's the one that make non Asians and westernised Asians want to hurl 🤢. Do the cutesy kitty paw thing and go bying bying. Don't forget to speak in a little baby voice.

Wishing mothers around the world a Happy Mother's Day. We celebrated ours in the UK well ahead of everyone.
Here's a little snapshot of my last holiday in Monemvasia, a literal translation of single entry. There's only one way in and out....through a bridge and a small tunnel before this little magical town appears right before your eyes. It's a rock that broke off the mainland, just off Peloponnese mainland (Greece).

Asian beauty speak that I've learned recently.
Asian speak: You've got a small head
Translation: I don't care about the size of your brain but the size of your head is in proportion to your body.
Asian speak: your face is smaller than a CD
Translation:'re so lucky. Your face is so small.
Asian speak: you're SO tanned
Translation: 😱🆘

I'm going to be hip and 😎 cool and speak the millennials' lingo today. Like totally using words in the wrong context. It was sooo DOPE being able to hear every word of this dude's conversation on the phone even if he was out in the sea. SICK! 👍🏻And then @loisavery, @jo_prado and I went to the local restaurant and gorged on pasta. For course I had to snap a photo of our empty plates and type "KILLED IT" 🗡🔪 and uploaded it on Stories. It was EPIC! What else have I missed?

Knocking back 🥂of proseccos, getting high on 🍦and shooting @loisavery's latest spring/summer collection, Rosé in Ostuni - all at the same time. What can I say....we're good at multi-tasking 😉. The lovely @thegreeneyedgirl_ got a chance to chat with Jennie, the enterprising ex-City lawyer behind @loisavery about how she turned her dream to own a business into a reality, her biggest challenges and success. Click on the link over at @thegreeneyedgirl_'s profile.

This is a rare photo of mine that's completely devoid of a living soul....unless you count plants and a few bugs clinging to the wall. I probably have a face that invites strangers to photo bomb my shots just as I click the shutter.

@monicabeatrice is one of the most remarkably organised and considerate individual I've ever met with a face that the camera loves. Shot this for her collaboration with @phaseeight. The Ascot event with @phaseeight was so much fun, thanks to Kelly and Becky (the PR team at @phaseeight) who thought of everything and made everyone felt like a princess for the day. I've also learned an important lesson....if in doubt, bring a coat. It's England after all where the weather is even more unpredictable than my mood swings. 🙄😑

I'm one of the most foreign looking person here in Winchester and in the words of many friends "if Marlene says to turn right, go the opposite direction". Yet, I'm constantly stopped by out of towners for help with directions even if there are plenty of properly English looking chaps (favorite attire here is tweed jacket with red pants - oh alright...TROUSERS) walking about. It's just like with dogs and cats. The more they know you don't like animals...the more they want to sit next to you. 😑

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