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Marlene Lee  🇬🇧 based fashion & lifestyle photographer and consultant. 📮 : thepurseaddict@gmail.com 📷 : http://www.chocolatecookiesandcandies.com/

I think most of us are wrecked with self doubt regardless of how confident we may appear to other people. Dealing with frustrating situations and hitting many brick walls along our journey can also chip away at our self confidence and disposition. But a word of encouragement can work wonders and lift our spirits immensely. So thank you from the bottom of my heart to these wonderful friends for their random acts of kindness. They posted such heartwarming words about me this week - @a_ontheroad, @dy_ellie, @monalogue and @natali_in_norfolk. Can’t thank you all enough. ❤️❤️

Thomas’s at @burberry has got to be my new favorite hangout. I’ve been back twice this week to catch up with friends from overseas who were thoroughly impressed. Amazing food (impressive portions for those who value quantity as much as quality), classy decor and delightful atmosphere. #notsponsored #IjustLoveToEatinNicePlaces

And judging from lots of photos on my feed, it’s back to winter wonderland for most folks. I’m just relieved the snowstorm didn’t arrive here. I’m so ready for British style “heatwave”.

Totally 🤗 because of the 2 day snowfall and then zilch on the third with no ice whatsoever. Whew! Now, let’s get on with proper spring. Cherry blossoms and all.

Don’t forget to turn on the audio and watch that pigeon 🐦. Watch and rewatch when you need to lower your stress level and blood pressure because:

1. Your psycho boss and/or psycho colleague drives you crazy. You want to howl like a werewolf and launch a karate kick at the idiot but can’t. Cos you don’t want to get sued.
2. You tell your kids to pick up their crap from the floor, find their own whatever instead of asking you and to stop killing each other. For the millionth time.
3. Your other half calls and asks you what’s for dinner when you’re at work and then you come home dead tired to kids going wacko because they must’ve swallowed 10 packets of sugar.
4. Your house is a tip. It was clean when the cleaner left a day ago.
5. You desperately want to scarf down a whole cake and a bar of chocolate 🍫 due to stress. But you can’t because you nearly split your 👖 when you knelt down to pick something from the floor.
6. You race for the train and find out it’s been cancelled due to “an incident”.

It’s such a rarity to get snow here in South of England. It’s certainly not a yearly affair. Before we embarked on our U.K. adventure a decade ago, our English friends back in New Zealand spoke so convincingly of the warm weather “down south”. We arrived in “down south” of England with the most inappropriate winter clothes. You see, we drive everywhere in Auckland, the malls have heating etc. As long as you park near the entrance, you just have to dash in with a thin coat and you’ll be sweet as (kiwi for perfectly 👌🏻). Who knew it’d snow like crazy for the first 2 years? I’d brought pretty coats and a pair of sneakers but no thick coats with hoods or boots with thicker rubber soles and good grip to deal with snow, ice and rain (lots of 🌧). I’ve since preached the gospel of appropriate clothing to my Kiwi friends and family and they still turn up on my doorstep with the most unsuitable clothes and footwear. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I was utterly mesmerized by the sight of dancing snowflakes ❄️❄️ as they fell from the sky. Don’t forget to turn on the audio too 🎵🎶 .

I was so engrossed in snapping a million shots of snow that I inadvertently caught a neighbor in the act of proposing to his girlfriend.... more on my Stories.

Snowmageddon Hampshire style. Enough snow to use my teaspoon as a shovel.

Do you find that there’s a rising tide against blatant consumerism these days? Could it be the democratisation of luxury goods where they’re more readily available to the general public? Do you feel like everything’s disposal now with few things are actually made to last past 2-3 years? Personally, I feel the tide is changing with more and more people trying to do with less and spending more on experience and educating themselves. What do you think?
p.s. pretty heavy thoughts for a Saturday...

Sometimes I wonder why we shell out ££££ on pretty dresses, shoes that look more like a work of art (and a pain in the 🍑 to wear) or expensive small bags that are too precious to be worn in certain weather conditions when we spend most of our time in our PJs, old sneakers and carrying canvas bags to cart all our junk. 🤷🏻‍♀️

#ad Having IBS and being lactose intolerant is literally a pain in the.....well......you know what I mean. Not to mention the bloating and looking like I've just ingested a melon. But having lived with it for years, I’ve now found out that I can drink a2 Milk™ - I’m not lactose intolerant, it was a protein causing my problem.

Since I'm on the plane a fair bit and do travel to pretty remote places where choices are slim, I carry my own @a2milk_uk (get the UHT Longlife version) just so that I can have milk with my beverage (morning-coffee, afternoon-tea, evening-hot chocolate. Yes, in that order). Here's a trivia. Do you know that #a2Milk came from specially selected cows that naturally produce easy to digest milk? It's the A1 protein that can sometimes cause discomfort so you're now able to enjoy your milk with a2 Milk™!

新年快乐! Wishing everyone who’s celebrating a Happy Chinese New Year. And if you’re of Korean descent, 새해 복 많이 받으세요! It’s officially the Year of the Dog 🐶 🐕. I’ve always joked that I don’t really need to adopt a real dog since the tween’s born in the year of dog anyway. And she takes on quite a lot of doggy traits i.e.
1. highly motivated to perform tasks when favorite food 🐙🦐🍱🍣🍦🍟🥒🍓🥝🍉🥥🥗 is offered as a bribe
2. extremely exuberant like an overexcited Jack Russell terrier
3. rushes to greet everyone at the door even if they left and returned within minutes
4. absolutely can’t resist chasing pigeons 🐦 despite being told off a million times
5. loves gnawing on 🍗🍖 bones 🤷🏻‍♀️ (no, I’m not making this up)

Happy pancake day! I’m still.......hibernating and only venturing out when absolutely necessary (i.e. food and work)

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