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Here’s a bit of trivia I picked up the other day which I thought sounded pretty darned interesting.

Did you know that a dense fog covering seven city blocks one hundred feet deep, is composed of less than one glass of water?

Ahhh.....sunshine sunshine ☀️ wherefore art thou, yellow orb? Never mind the snow, just send me 25°C “heatwave” (any higher, all of us Britons will melt).

My kind of eye candies 😉.

Laundry has never looked more photogenic than the ones in Italy. Here’s one of my favorite shots of @loisavery wearing her blackberry cashmere scarf 🧣 in Portofino. Just in case you’ve missed it, I’ve written 5 tips on creating a beautiful aesthetic on Instagram. The link is on my Stories.

So I thought...it’s 2018....like very very early 2018. It’s about time I reverse my muscle-turned-lard condition from “sofa overuse syndrome”. I figured I might as well try YouTube workout videos, starting with a very simple and easy beginners type Barre class. 10 minutes in, I’m practically hanging out the window gasping for breath and trying not to DIE 🤪. Another painful 5 minutes later, the super chirpy instructor announced that THAT was the warmup session. The actual workout will begin now.

My wreath is still up too 🤜🏻🤛🏻. And so is my Christmas tree 🎄. It’s a little difficult to fire up my sluggish cylinders and get cracking again. Here’s to denying a reality for a tad longer. What are 3 places that you’ve dreamt of visiting or hope to revisit again? Mine are (ok, more than 3)
1. live in Nice during the summer months
2. capturing the culture and people in Borneo
3. exploring Yunnan, Xinjiang and canals of China

Anyone notice the little 🎅 climbing up the wall? I think my body has been in a state of inertia for so long over the holidays that I seriously need to get back to a proper exercise routine.

Happy New Year, everyone! I’ve been mostly offline for the last 2 weeks which is the longest I’ve been away from the Instagram world. We chilled, hung out with friends who stayed over during the Christmas break, coerced into catching Pokemons in the rain 🌧 (😱😑), went on a road trip, read the pile of books I’d bought months ago and went on a Korean and Chinese drama marathon with my friend (and then woke up the next day looking like like this 🐼). What did you do over the Christmas and New Year break?

While over here we’re madly preparing for Christmas, the Chinese (and overseas Chinese) all over the world are celebrating Dongzhi Festival or Winter Solstice. Coincidentally, it’s also the longest day of the year. I have fond memories of gathering around the kitchen table helping my mother make the foochow style tang yuan (glutinous rice balls) which we call si yang. It’s essentially boiled glutinous rice balls tossed in roasted ground soya bean and sugar. Merry Christmas and Happy Dongzhi Festival to all. Thank you for the comments, support and above all, friendship. ❤️

I was reading your comments a few posts back about what you’d spend a £500 cash gift. It’s interesting to note that most of you prefer to spend it on experience - travel/spa/a meal or stay at an amazing location. I read an article quite sometime back analyzing how people prefer to spend their money these days and experience, rather than stuff top the list.

I’m probably the 375936285th person to have taken and posted a photo of this facade. This insanely stunning decoration only ever happens in the Christmas season so what the heck. I might as well join in the fun ☺️🤓.

You know I’m a rather nosy sort. Let’s have a bit of fun and daydream. What would you spend on if you’re given £500? The rule is you’re not allowed to convert it to cash and stash it in your bank account. It MUST be spent. (By the way, wouldn’t it be nice if a department store would be so generous as to sponsor this post and gift it to one of you?)

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