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Amanda Rivera  Long Island, NY 1 out of 1,000,000 people who are in denial that they are lactose intolerant. Tweeter: @cookiesNappljuz

Island time meets new york liquid crack (coffee) but instagram likes to cut off my videos 😒

Pinch me

Zexxy Zoodles and for some odd reason @anikachuu lives for Brussels Sprouts salad 💁🏻‍♀️ nonetheless, delicious meaaaals

#zoodles #astoria #pesto #creamy #yum #vegan

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.

We always love coming to this spot! The Harvest Diner always makes us feel like family. Thanks for making this special gesture❤️ Happy Mothers Day Mom😘

“Que la nena va ponerlo pa Faceboo” - Dominican guy on the 4 train after taking one look at my attire. #yankees

Fly as shhhhhh

Happy 24th Birthday @amor57 !! I really admire you as a person, the things you’ve accomplished and what you’re going to do next. Weve shared so many beautiful, hysterical and irksome moments 😒 but as Robin Scherbatsky once said “SISTERS FIGHT TED”. nah but in all seriousness, im so happy youre my fam❤️ continue to be the awesome person you are. cant wait to see you soooon!! Also why so many albums of 2013? It was hard to figure out what photo was from where. Consolidate into one sis. LOVE YOUUUUU😘😘😘

Shout out to @naacp_hofstra for hosting this art fusion event to discuss issues of rape and rape culture. Projects like @natashasjusticeproject need to be at the forefront of conversation. Rape kits cost 1,000 dollars to process and Long Island is 3 YEARS BACKLOGGED.
The collaboration of artists and poets simultaneously performing while feeding off of each others energy was super inspirational and impactful. I regret not getting the artist name but this is what she created when she heard @rudyfrancisco speak. Also another shout out to Rudy Francisco because your poems take me to another place and its just nice to have some feeling back in your soul when life tends to overwhelm and exhaust you of everything you have left. I am forever appreciative of your existence. #endthebacklog

Ps. The title of the poem is “A lot like you”. I dont post videos often but it cut off most of the video 😒

I cant tell you how much I cherish these photos and these people lmao❤️

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