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The Booty Doctor Ca’Shawn  The motto: slim waist with a fat ass 📰Women’s Health Published 🍑Fitness • Lifestyle 🎥YouTube: BodyByCookie 🏋🏾‍♀️: @BodyByCookie✨

So I just did the most to get a picture of me here and hated them all lmao so here’s a video 😂😂😂😂.
I DM’d @jenissy from my gym but she was off so she called @dannyfoetw0 to come over and take a picture for me because I refused to move from this spot like a 12 year old 😂😂😂😂😂
Anyways happy fall gains to me and happy first day back in the gym sis lmao

This here was built not bought 🧚🏾‍♀️🍠
I get a lot of emails, DMs and comments asking about the difference between Vol. 1 - 4 of Cookie’s 7 Week Booty Programs so I just want to help you guys make the best decision on which program is for you.
I personally train and train my clients in a very different and intense way.
• Vol. 1 helps you understand how to train with #BodyByCookie in supersets and tri-sets as making this adjustment can be very hard at first. With Vol. 1 you learn the fundamentals of booty growth with being introduced to glute activation, the power of resistance bands and heavy lifting all combined together.
• Vol. 2 takes things a step further by piggy backing off of Vol. 1 and introducing some new workouts while still helping you get adjusted to this new way of lifting (because by the time you hit Vol. 2 you’ll be excited but you’ll hate me from the pain lol)
• Vol. 3 introduces a new concept of “hip growth”, something we are taught is impossible to grow and just like with the booty growth they lied!!! It is totally possible to grow out your “hips” by doing exercises to target those muscles to create an hour glass figure. With this volume you’ll learn all about how to not only increase and keep increasing your booty growth but add the “hip growth” on as well for a well rounded shape.
• Vol. 4 (my favorite so far) combines all 3 of the previous methods together into one intense booty and leg growth program. With a bunch of glute activation exercises - you’ll not only leave the program with a fatter ass, and hips but you’ll feel strong as the exercises in this program are meant to bring out the athlete in you as well because who wants all these muscles that can’t do anything? You will be tried. You will be tested. But you’ll come out such a great beautiful being inside and out training with #BodyByCookie
I hope this breakdown helps a bit!!!!
If you have any other questions or concerns send us a email to: so that we can help you pick the best program for your body goals! 💚
#WCW #inspo #fitspo #motivation #BBCSquad re-launched with a super cute new look!!!
With that being said ALL programs are on sale for $12.99 until Monday 11/19 INCLUDING the PRE-ORDER of the NEW program “Cookie’s 7 Week Full Body Program- Home Version”!
CLICK THE LINK IN THE BIO to check out the new site and to view the RE-LAUNCH SALE on

You can train with me or you can have the blues 🎶 has been RE-LAUNCHED!!! So excited!
For all the current #BBCSquad members login and re-download your PDFs tonight* to see the new beautiful look 😍💚. All programs are on sale for $12.99 until Monday 11/19!!
I finally found a vibe that I’m obsessed with for #BodyByCookie and I hope you guys enjoy the new site and look as well!!
Click the link in my bio to begin your training program today! will be RE-LAUNCHING TODAY AT 3 PM PST!!!!
Set your alarms!!
All programs (revised and updated) and tabs will be available then! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

Slim thick queen fo’eva 🧚🏾‍♀️✨

A slim waist with a fat ass is always the goal 🧚🏾‍♀️✨
A new YouTube video is up: Body by Cookie (link in bio)
Also, all fitness programs are being updated and added to the site ( ✨🧚🏾‍♀️

A NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO IS LIVE!!!!!! It’s a vlog the first half and then 5 booty warm-ups that can be done ANYWHERE with only a big loop resistance band!! So since I can’t leave the house today I’ll be doing this to fire up these glutes because you never skip a Monday 😭😩
P.S. yes I make weird noises like I’m 5 years old lol 🤦🏾‍♀️
Workout programs available on ✨
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What’s your ab secrets?
Ab & Core Programs on

Let me re-introduce myself.
My name is Ca'Shawn but everyone calls me Cookie 🍪. I’m a personal trainer/fitness guru who started out just learning to love myself more then I did the day before and tackle all my insecurities one day at a time. My openness with my personal journey is what lead me to being open with my fitness journey because they started at the same time. I was an itty bitty petite girl who was just tired of being small with no figure so I utilized fitness to create and gain the curves I wanted and desired. Started cooking to learn what I needed to feed my body to achieve my body goals. Fitness saved my life and gave me the happiness I always desired as a child. I love empowering women and making them feel sexy af - because we are 🙃. I am transparent with every part of my journey, with every emotion I feel and I love showing my ass because I literally built it in the gym. From 98 lbs to currently 118 from a 32 in butt to a 36 in there’s nothing you CAN’T achieve by being focused, loving yourself and living in your calling.
I’m human, I fall off track sometimes. Get frustrated but everyday I have y’all to remind why I’m here on this earth. To be free, spread love and openness and helping women learn to love themselves and embrace who they are through fitness and mental health.
This is me, Cookie 💕
Workout programs available on (link in bio)
Fitness apparel coming soon to @thecookieeeshop 👀🍪

#IttyBittyTittyGang 🤘🏾
I learned to love my bee stings instead of letting an old insecurity control my life ❤️
_____\\\\\ for fitness programs.
Full body at home program coming Dec. 17th

Slick mouth, pussy great yeah you like that
Booty goals thanks to the 7 Week Booty Programs on

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