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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HONEY SICKLE SISTER @christolsims ! God blessed me with two sisters who are my best friends and I couldn't be more thankful !!! Chris I am beyond proud of the woman you've become and becoming! The way you encourage, support and uplift is truly something everyone should experience. Your heart is pure and your intentions are never faulty. I love you more than I can describe but everyday I thank God for you and Ca'rynn. I love you my crazy ass Leo and turn up once you get back to me 😭😭😭😭.
I love you sissy!!!!
#SimsSisters 🤓😛

If surgery is your route that is completely fine! I just want just want to show women that you don't have to feel pressured into making that choice like me that choice wasn't for you! I created a program that helped me go from #ittybitty to #thickythicky and I couldn't be happier!!! 😍 I incorporated my favorite healthy foods to help with the process and here we are ! If you're struggling to put on healthy muscle mass to get get your gains or if you're struggling to keep it this here is for you!!!
Head to to check out my new #IttyBittyToThickyThicky challenge starting Sept 9th! Or email: to see which challenge would best fit you! ✨ you can have whatever body you want naturally if you just apply yourself and stay determined and consistent!! ✨

Getting ready for the start of a great week! It's always good to step away from work for a few days to recoup and unwind - as an entrepreneur this is the hardest lesson to learn because you always want to work because you always want to better yourself but taking a step back and breathing for a second is just as important as the grind. You can't grind the way you want to if you're always tired and restless ✨

That cake is 100% organic, and natural with no preservatives, GMO or artificial flavoring.
Who knew Cookie Cake was healthy?
✨ ✨

Learning to take care of my skin the same way I take care of my body has been life changing. All I wear now are my brows and lashes and let this natural glow do the rest ✨
COMMENT YOUR SKIN REGIME!!! Thinking of sharing mine soon now that I've seen results!

Morning vibes ✨💖
• Ab & booty challenges available as well as online virtual training •

COMMENT SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU LAUGH! 🤓 (P.S... make it good because I want to laugh too lol)

Be careful because these thighs will crush ya ..

I still laugh when people say you can't have abs AND booty 😭 - what small minded people they are 😂😂😂
Anywho become a #CookieMonster today and sign up for all ab and booty challenges on *NOTE: all booty challenges outside of the 7 day booty challenge do incorporate an ab regime on your resting days!*
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We all know or should know how important drinking water is (in fitness or not). It helps hydrate your muscles so that they are able to function correctly. A lot of people spice up their water to make it taste better or for a detox. I personally add mint leaves to my water because I love the minty taste and it's a soothing detox. It helps flush toxins out of your body as well as suppress your appetite. I have a fast metabolism and love to eat lol so this helps me stay on track with making sure my snacks are on point. Personally I hate all things lemon and cucumbers taste weird which is how I ran across mint - WHAT DO YOU ADD TO YOUR WATER?
Exciting news!!!!! Recipes and other healthy food tips with be added to !! The first recipe goes up tomorrow for #FoodieFriday - be sure to turn on your post notifications so that you don't miss it!!

As mentioned in my previous video I was trying the sled workout again today and not only is my form WAYYYYYY better I was able to and an extra 25 lbs, add two other exercises and do 4 sets when previously I just did sled as the only workout, form sucked and barely made it through 3. You get stronger without even realizing it. Mentally and physically. I killed my workout and got better today and stronger and I'm fucking proud. Celebrate the small things, it makes the big accomplishments more fun 🤓
#BodyByCookie x #SweetlyToned ✨Workout programs available on ✨
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