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Nước Mami  @HVIIIBrandGoods, @tilyoucollapse, and @Tula code: COOKIECALI⚡️ Sacramento/Elk Grove 🌳 📫 Personal Training:

This was my close grip max! I was tired, hungry, dehydrated, shoes didn’t match, cloudy with a chance of rain, sun was in my eyes, hair was fucked up...but i got it! 140 2x3 @ 127 woot woot @filipinothunder @that_hugeasian_guy @hviiibrandgoods @tilyoucollapse @cizzlejay

Back at my home gym @oldskooliron to watch my @brittney_gates7, @cynthialeu, @baconandbiceps, @yipnotiq, and @benchbooty compete! ABG’s are taking over the world 🌎😛😂

200x6 felt way better today than last month! Didn’t even call someone over for emotional support today 😂😂. I think it’s the homemade burrito bowls I’ve been making twice a day that’s helping me 😍 @filipinothunder @hviiibrandgoods @tilyoucollapse @that_hugeasian_guy @stoicgear

In February 1989, my dad left a 10 year re-education (aka concentration) camp and reconnected with my mom. December 10, 1989 they made me 🤱🏻. May 18, 1990 my parents jet setted from Hue, Vietnam to Redding, CA to give my siblings and I an opportunity here in America! The older I get, the more blown away i am by this thought. They gave up everything and moved to a new country, learned a new language, learned where to buy food and diapers, got an education themselves...all over the age of 40. How do you do it? 🤯 So Happy AMERICA Day to me! I’m gonna take my ass to work and probably eat a steak and drink some soda tonight because that’s what Americans do right? 🇺🇸 Go to @hviiibrandgoods today and use code AMERICA to get 20% off your order today!!! #SouthVietnamese #ThirdWaveImmigrant #VietnamWar #FallOfSaigon

When @filipinothunder lays down to bench in those thin ass Reebok shorts...BOYYYYYYEEEE!!!😏🍆🍑 New @hviiibrandgoods silkies are dropping tomorrow and these tops from @tilyoucollapse are still available! Use COOKIECALI to save some money!

Time to bench😎

Squats are starting to feel more natural. Front squats always feel like ass...any good weightlifters wanna critique my form are welcome to. I don’t like how I shift forward but I always do. Also I’m a bitch for using a shirt to cover my neck lmao @filipinothunder @that_hugeasian_guy @mattvchua @hviiibrandgoods @tilyoucollapse

Same gym, 4 years apart. This was 4 years ago when I would always say #FuckBench on all my bench videos because I sucked at benching. Sick 90x2 right? 😂 Then one day I said “I’m not gonna suck at bench anymore” and I benched my face off for 2 here we are 🤗. Bench is my favorite lift because I busted my ass for it! #FBF #Ilikebench #benchiscool #benchbitch #saynotopovertybench

L O U N G I N G - top knot, wrinkled @hviiibrandgoods shirt in extra small, and @tilyoucollapse joggers in extra small. Our new black on black coffee mug along with another line of shirts is dropping today at 3PM CST on @hviiibrandgoods site. These comfy af joggers are lightweight and FLATTERING. Go on @tilyoucollapse page and look at all the girls wearing them...cheeks for days 😂. They’re available NOW! Use ‘cookiecali’ to save ya some money 💰. Happy Thursday!

265x5 off the floor and 225x5 paused deads. 💀

145x5 UGLY AF front squats and 225x6 low bar squats. In my defense, I haven’t front squatted in a year and it’s been 8 months since I’ve had 2 plates on my back. Slowly but surely I’m taking back what I lost. This mauve loose top from @tilyoucollapse is super cute and these knee sleeves from @stoicgear are great. Thank you both!!! @filipinothunder @that_hugeasian_guy @jtdivinefit1 @tamtamxxxo @hviiibrandgoods

My favorite person through thick and thicc❤️

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