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Chun Lit  HVIII⚡️US IronClub⚡️JTS Code:⚡️COOKIECALI⚡️ Sacramento/Elk Grove 🌳 📫

10 weeks since I squatted 200🙃. 200 for 3x5, heavyish landmine squats for that extra volume and work capacity. And light SLD's because my hamstrings are garbage. I haven't done this many hip hinge movements without pain in so long!! @filipinothunder @hviiibrandgoods @juggernauttraining @usironclub @hannahchiropractic @mypowerdot

Cheeks for days😝 #tbt #allfitnshit

Aced my exam last night. Woke up at 127. Slept in with @filipinothunder and made breakfast before heading out to class. #winning

4x8 squats at 65% and 4x4 deads at 60%. Noice and toight. @filipinothunder @juggernauttraining @hviiibrandgoods @usironclub

Awesome morning at @hannahchiropractic today. We released some of the built up adhesion on my quads from last week. I have a few clients and then class..then it's time to skwaat!! #HappyMonday #BackToWork #100000weeksout

175 for 5's, weighted pull-ups at 5-5-3-3 reps, regular pull-ups, and more back stuff today. Also got a surprise visit from @nunez3dmj and @leanna_carr! @filipinothunder @juggernauttraining @chadwesleysmith @hviiibrandgoods @usironclub @mypowerdot

21 vs 27...same face, less smiling. Showing one's teeth is a submission signal in primates. When someone smiles at me, all I see is a chimpanzee begging for its life. #NameThatShow #TBT

Don't you love that time of the month? Lifts feel heavier than they should, you stare at the wall for hours and every video on Facebook makes you cry...lmao. Thanks for the lift off @nopantssammi

Woohoo! Finally 10 pull ups! Took like 6 years😂

Had my appointment at @hannahchiropractic at 8:30 this morning to get my QL, neck, traps, and glutes worked on and then I went straight to the gym and trained. Reverse hypers have been so good to me (thanks babe) and squats have been feeling okay. Still keeping things light and everything feels easy. 😊 @juggernauttraining @filipinothunder @hviiibrandgoods @usironclub @mypowerdot

I love how high my cheekbones look here. And my hair too. 😂 #Hi #GimmeKith #FilipinoThunder #ThunderHips

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