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🍫Hello dear humansヽ(。_°)ノ🍩  🗻Otaku🍙 🎮Gamergirl🕹 🎧music🎶 🍫food🍟 ✏drawing📓 {😊Posts every 2. Day🙂} {FNaF🐻Creeps🔪TLoZ🌱Yan-Sim💌} {💻Credits to owners of artworks✏}


{It's Laughing Jack!Hope you like it.}

{Reposted from @that_foxy_pirate Hope you like it.}

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{Do you have Breath of the wild?...Hope you like it.}

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{This is epic...Ah,sorry Kokon-...Just kidding :) Hope you like it...}

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