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James Callaghan  Dog Whisperer 🐶🤔 Food Enthusiast 🍔😃 Fitness Coach 💪🏻😁 Life experience collector🤠📸 Global Safety & Security Operations 🌍⚔️

Happy Birthday you sexy motherfu@ker. Some of life's biggest accomplishments come after tragedy. #hdnd #neverforgotten

Anzac Day with my bestie. Someone who had to walk in my shoes when everything turned upside down 3 yrs ago and never complained once. She took the reins and I can absolutely say I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you @macsteeley so much love for you mate😘 also.. she is #single so if you think you cut the grade 😉😊#bestie #anzac #clovely #dva #ballsofsteele

3 generations on one table. From WW2 battles to the jungles of Vietnam, the Iraq conflict and East Timor. Commando, SAS, Clearance Diver and Paratrooper. Could not be more proud to be a Callaghan or a Hanson. A legacy formed long ago by men who cared not for their own personal sacrifice but for that of our nation. Roll on ANZAC Day. #neverforgotten #anzacday #hdnd #sas #airborne #3rar #family @therock

To emulate someone, to want to be just like them is the greatest form of flattery. All my life I grew up wanting to be just like dad. Although things didn't turn out that way I still thank the crusty old WO2 for what he did leave me with. Instead of $$ and a cushy job or some form of entitlement he taught me how to be a gentleman, how to respect women and how to work hard and fight for everything. These qualities are lost on today's generation and I hope one day to teach them to my children. He had a way of walking into a room and instantly making every man aware they were 2nd best and had no hope on improving those odds. #sas #hdnd #3rar #airborne #anzacday

A 22yo Cal Callaghan Snr. 1968 South Vietnam SASR.

12yrs ago.. just a bunch of boys playing with guns..

Gym girls be like... I've got all the brands on. Now time to hit the cross trainer for 40mins then post a selfie... #fitness #gymhotties #gymrat #imbeautiful #bostonterriersofinstagram #bostonterrierlove #bostonterrier

@stanley_tremblay mans bestie..

When you are stuck between doing chores and chasing your mates. 🐶 #bostonterrierlove #bostonterrier #bostonterriersofinstagram

Random dog, wearing sunnies just parked across the road. Staring at me for 30mins. 🐶😎

Melbourne.. destroying the Sydney food scene since like forever.

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