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By 10.30am, @realpearson had finished climbing 3 mountains in Scotland, Wales and England to raise money for Guy’s Hospital... at the same time, me and my little grey shadow (especially when he’s away) has got up and made coffee 🤣 Maybe if I have 3 cups that’s us more even! (Joking aside, super proud of him and his crazy endeavours. Reader, I married a mad man.)

Sunday morning... he’s away running, the cats are both still sleeping (and snoring!), so it’s just me, a little bit of sunlight and the birds singing outside. Sometimes it’s so lovely to have nothing to do and nowhere to be for a while ❤️ Happy Sunday loves x

Us: Now we’ve recovered the daybed, we should keep the cats off it. Cats: the daybed is now our favourite. 🤦‍♀️🤣 Oh well, the best laid plans of humans who live with furry creatures! (Plus side, it’s so cute to see them sunbathing here in the early morning light.)

Hmm, it might be official that I’m a crazy plant lady 😅 At the moment, my new plant obsession is learning to propagate and see if I can grow some new plants... so if you see me in the next while I might bring along a plant if all goes well. 🌱❤️ Happy Saturday lovelies.

Sunday morning with my little grey grumpkin... who stood on me all night like a little mountain goat and then grumbled at me if I moved 😳🤣 Think she’s definitely missing her other human this weekend (as am I) as he’s been away running an 85K (as you do). Hope you all have a good and not grumpy Sunday!

So much ❤️ for Saturdays... especially at home, having pancakes, being squawked at by this cat (she sounds like a baby eagle chick sometimes), being snoozed on by the other cat, and having a whole sunny day with N with nothing to do and nowhere to be 👌 Happy weekending loves! #foxowlcat

Major bank holiday Monday vibes over here... eating leftover choc, watering, pruning and moving about the plants and starting a more serious diy project (internal window!). Hope everyone’s had a relaxing long weekend 💚

Recently a few people have asked me for advice on house plants... so here’s the truth... I’m only good with stubborn plants that do their own thing!
My biggest plant fails have been two string of pearls plants who hated me. And a fern that - despite misting - gave up within days. Basically anything that’s needy or demanding is not my (plant) friend. *
So if looking for something that doesn’t need a lot of care, then my tip is to buy hardy plants that barely need you. These stubborn wee guys pictured - especially the #monsteraobliqua and the #stringofhearts - are really good at just that. (See also: spider plants and devil’s ivy.)

Our vintage daybed got a new look (really pleased with how it turned out) but now I *have* to move things about to go with it. Some serious faffing/basic DIY going on over here... just as well it’s a snow day!

Might be snowy outside but inside these guys (especially the #monsteraobliqua who sneaked in an extra vine without me noticing) are really going/growing for it. Hope you all have a good snow day/trudging through snow Friday. (And thank you for all the suggestions on my last post - so many good recommendations and I’m maybe disliking the stage a bit less now!)

Love the snowy bright light this morning... even if right now the kitchen is our most ‘challenging’ room. See the weird stage platform with embedded lights? I thought it would be the first thing we’d change when we moved in. But then we realised we’d have to replace the floor and that the kitchen itself needs a bit of work so it went on the back burner. Then (and this was a biggie) we realised that the stage is a counter-balance for our balcony. So no stage = no balcony. Which means we’re stuck with it. And I’m stuck thinking that there must be a low cost way to improve it... any ideas most welcome!

Totally obsessed with sleep at the moment. Been making a real effort to get more/better sleep... and it turns out life is nicer/easier when you’ve slept properly. Who knew? 🤦‍♀️ Also obsessed with this neuroscientist’s book on sleep, even if the conclusion on being jet lagged (which I am about 8 weeks out of a year) was that it is baaaad for you 😳. Only thing is I’m sure thinking about sleeping makes me want to sleep more 😉💤

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