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Today vs two years ago... can’t believe just how much difference having a skylight (and a lick of paint) makes in our kitchen. Also can now be a crazy plant lady in this room too (plants used to die horribly in here as there wasn’t enough light!). Hope everyone has something fun/relaxing planned for the long weekend... we have more flat cleaning/organisation to do then some fun things planned for possibly our last long weekend before becoming parents!

The scaffolding went down today 💃🎉💃🎉

Because the light right now is 🙌 and that made me feel Sunday morning happy. Also pictured: grey cat with her fave toy of the moment a black cable tie!

It’s been a bit of a slow progress week on the renovation front so reminding myself this morning how much I 💗 our new shower room tiles. (We’re at the stage where the carpenter needs to his thing before the plumber then plasterer can do his... and before painting and flooring can happen 😬). We are nearly there though. (Repeats to self x 1000.) Meanwhile the other deadline in our life is definitely getting closer!

“Woah, we're half way there... Woah, livin' on a building site...” You know you’re going a little building works crazy when you’ve got Bon Jovi stuck in your head 🤦‍♀️🎉 We’re definitely getting there though... our previously dark kitchen (see pic three) is already a nicer space to be in - the daylight from the skylight makes such a difference. Upstairs, the walls are prepped (see my stories for a wee tour) and the shower room is almost completely done 🎉🎉 Next up, need to figure out paint choices (white or a plaster-like pink?) and flooring (know I want wood but no idea where to start)... oh and maybe pack a hospital bag too soon as we’re much more than halfway on that project! Happy Sunday loves 💗

Possibly the only corner of the flat that isn’t covered in dust or boxes right now... still a few weeks to go of renovations and we’re thinking about sneaking in some extra work (possibly getting rid of the stage in the kitchen 🎉). I’m so excited about the changes we’re making but also so missing having more than just a sane corner to relax in at the end of the day. It will all be worth it though. (Repeats this mantra x100 to self!)

2 become 1... this week coming we’re knocking down the wall between the living room and the existing but teeny spare room (that’s pic 2). I’m all the excited for it to happen - for more space and more light - but also hoping it doesn’t take out the living room for too long as it’s the last sane space in the flat right now! In the meantime, I’m going to do as much couch time as I can cram in (that’s what Sundays are for right?)

We’re 4 weeks into our loft conversion now (little tour of the work so far on my stories)... and the living room is the only room that still has enough daylight for plants so almost all our plants are now in the living room - at least it makes them easier to water 🤣 The only other challenge of having builders in is our grey cat is obsessed with the new upstairs so is up there at any opportunity 🤦‍♀️ Sure the builders love having a grey furry supervisor! Anyway off to buy a bathroom today, followed by cake and meeting a brand new human 💗 Hope you’re having an excellent Sunday loves.

Bumping along at 25 weeks... despite the now rather more obvious football size bump, I don’t really feel that pregnant. Guess it all doesn’t feel very real yet. (I’m somehow still surprised when I lean over to put on my trainers that there’s something in the way!) In other ‘news’, we’re one week into flat renovations which is also surreal. Though feels more real when builders arrive at 8am!

Happy Sunday... we (well the humans, not the cats obvs as they’re already in snooze mode) are doing a massive declutter today. Work starts on our home renovation this week - to turn our attic into a bedroom, bathroom and nursery. I’m both excited and overwhelmed by how much we have to get done. But first, we need to Marie Kondo the heck out of the flat (we’re going to skip the saying thanks to everything we give away bit and definitely not giving away any books 🤣). Hope you’re all doing something more relaxing - though I do enjoy a declutter - this Sunday 💗

I’m Zoë and I’m a book addict. Or 48 reasons I’m ‘banning’ myself from buying any more books for a while. I love books, always have, hopefully always will. I love being part of a book club of smart, sassy women (shout-out to the London gals and the ones I used to chat books/nonsense with in Edinburgh too). But I also love book shops and the ‘treat’ of picking a new book... and treating myself might have got a bit out of control in 2018. (Especially as I went through a difficult time where I found it hard to read anything but apparently didn’t stop adding to my ‘to read’ pile.) So it’s not a resolution as such, but more of a rule to live by/read by. So far, I’ve read one out of 48... so we’ll see how much I can actually read in 2019. 📚 💖

So hello January (a little late in accepting it’s 2019 already over here)... keeping a little bit of sparkle around as I always find this a bit of a gloomy month. As for resolutions, well I’m skipping those (N is doing dry January but I feel like being pregnant gives you enough dos and don’ts already for me to give up something!) That said, lots of plans on the horizon... we’re converting our attic starting this month, getting on with writing my novel before our little person shows up, and oh yeah her arrival is definitely on the list too! Hope you’re all having a good start to the year ✨

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