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On Sunday, I walked 15K around #SanFrancisco, finally saw the (noisy but oh so cute) sea lions, climbed up some very steep hills (including Lombard St, the very windy one), watched the SF symphony orchestra play a free gig, explored Chinatown... and took a peek at the not opened yet Color Factory (pictured). Oh and got a bit sunburnt too - my shoulders are now millennial pink 🤦‍♀️ Near perfect day, if only I'd had my partner in crime/exploring @realpearson ❤️

Sunday to myself in San Francisco... so time for some serious exploring! First stop: a very colourful Chinatown 🌈❤️

When you want to get up (honest) but your cat doesn't... Happy Saturday / #caterday folks! #velvetninjacat

My real, today and smile. (Three of @allison_sadler_'s #freeupmyinsta in one.)
Real. I thought about sharing something bigger, more of me, more of the difficult things. But then I realised being real for me is about being real about what's good for me. So instead, here's a real that's real, just a little less real if you know what I mean? Our DIY/tidying mess.
Today/Smile. So this mess is also my today (and probably my weekend). And that also makes me smile. I really do love this little home we're making here. And I guess that's pretty real too.

Wild, well sort of... Both of our cats are weird but wonderful/wonderful but weird shelter cats. Our grey (who's half feral, half pedigree) decided she didn't like outdoors as a kitten and has been an indoor cat ever since. Until we got the balcony and now one of her fave things is sunbathing out there - and staring into our neighbour's house 🙈 Our fluffy one (our cowardly but lovely lion) is a nervous wee soul, who hides under the duvet when she gets scared. Or inside drawers. Or inside a cupboard. And to be honest, she's still not so sure about the balcony either but she's definitely curious about it. #freeupmyinsta

Me, playing guitar, even though I don't really know how to play. Because sometimes it's fun to do things even when you kinda suck at them.
Today's #freeupmyinsta: me.

New plant friend (the tall rubber plant) 🌱 He's a lovely memento of a Sunday spent catching up with a friend visiting from Norway. This weekend has also been about rooftop drinks with my bestie from Glasgow, finally doing some long overdue diy and being way too Scottish for this heat. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. #freeupmyinsta

Because this made me laugh. Because there really aren't enough laughs in this world. And because I used to post more things just because they made me smile and might make someone else smile. And because why not. (That's a lot of becauses!) Happy Friday crazy kids! #freedomfriday #freeupmyinsta

For today's #freeupmyinsta: My happy place... is just beyond this door, hanging out with my wee gang. I love travelling and exploring, but there's nothing in the world like being here. (And slowing life down for a bit, hence our 🐌!)

Joining in @allison_sadler_'s #freeupmyinsta because I couldn't decide which of the zillion pics to gram from Berlin this weekend 🤦‍♀️ And yes, also because I'm back from a long weekend in Berlin with a bit of a bump... it rained so hard (worst wet weather for 30 years apparently!) so just felt like we got to proper exploring yesterday... Can I have another long weekend already?

When you brush your fluffiest cat and she clearly thinks she's a 🦁 afterwards... #foxowlcat

So in 💚 with the light in our kitchen this evening... and for the eagle-eyed, yes we have a random sort of step turned stage in our kitchen. (A future DIY project for sure when we get brave enough to get rid of it!)

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