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Pre-crazy-plant-lady-ness... Him: We should get the fireplace serviced before Christmas. Me: Oooh, that’ll be nice and festive.
Post-crazy-plant-lady-ness... Him: We should get the fireplace serviced before Christmas. Me: But where will I put all the plants?
Think I’ve lost all sense of what a fireplace is actually for 🤦‍♀️

Bed is now 150% blankets 💖 (Not sure about the maths there but been waiting for ages for a blanket I fell in love with in Ojai to arrive and then my mil gave me a blanket for my birthday too so obviously have to use them both at once!). This isn’t going to make getting up any easier though 🤦‍♀️ (Also getting my Sabrina style familiar off the bed might be harder now too 😉🎃)

Loving the Autumn light out there, but loving lazing in bed more. Might stay here all Sunday. Have a good one loves.

Plan for today: cat naps, brunching, tackling the reading pile, doughnuts from @dreamin_dough, starting Killing Eve to fill a Bodyguard shaped hole in our lives, maybe some wandering around the @nunheadarttrail, followed by more cat naps. Happy best day of the week!

They’ve left enough space to put a puppy between them 😉 In all seriousness though, we’re still toying with the idea of getting a dog and whether it would be a good idea given our work schedules and our two very particular cats. But then again it could be an amazing idea. And there’s room on the bed? (If you don’t include the humans!)

The other day I recognised someone on the commute home and smiled at them, about to say hi... only to realise it was the girl who works in our local plant shop. She smiled back nervously in that way you do when a stranger in London smiles at you. As I got off the train, I thought this definitely means I’ve reached crazy plant lady status!

This fluffy dweeb ❤️We went away for a few days this week and turns out she progressed from going full ghost protocol (when no-one looking after her can find her) to temporarily forgetting we weren’t home. “She came running when she heard the sound of dreamies but then ran away the second she realised it was me.“ That’s progress right? 🤣

On Sundays, we introvert... as two extroverts (I’m 76%, he’s 95% according to Myers Briggs) we need to be reminded that’s it ok (essential) to have some down time. So today, he didn’t go on a big run, I didn’t go to yoga, instead we slept in, ate doughnuts and played mini golf. Not sure we got this introverting thing down yet but if it leads to nice Sundays then I’m for that.

Changing things up a bit in the flat... And doing a bit of an emotional reshuffle too, trying to focus on all the positives instead. It’s not always easy... but there’s definitely more that’s positive than not. I have a frankly amazing husband (especially this last while), wonderfully supportive friends, brilliant colleagues (thanks for my Saturday hangover guys), a family I’m proud to be part of, and oh yeah two very dweeby cats. And a heck load of plants! (I also wanted to say thanks for all your lovely comments/DMs and how much I appreciated them, you lovely people). Happier Sunday loves.

It’s been a while since I paid any attention to our plants so glad to notice that they’re doing just fine. Counting this as a win 🌱❤️ (It’s been a tough last month. Fingers crossed that August will be kinder.)

May have had an ice lolly for breakfast. No regrets. May have a second one soon. So loving all the summer sunshine at the moment especially as it’s meant sunny staycation days for @realpearson’s birthday/week. Today we have a lazy/recovery from last night day planned of getting window boxes (because we don’t have enough plants 🤦‍♀️. May have to quit my job and become a full-time plant carer!). Happy super sunny Sunday loves.

By 10.30am, @realpearson had finished climbing 3 mountains in Scotland, Wales and England to raise money for Guy’s Hospital... at the same time, me and my little grey shadow (especially when he’s away) has got up and made coffee 🤣 Maybe if I have 3 cups that’s us more even! (Joking aside, super proud of him and his crazy endeavours. Reader, I married a mad man.)

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