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What happens after high school? For @jwulius, LA-based DJ and producer, he knew traditional college wouldn’t be his path. “You’re really going to learn the music industry by being in the music industry.” To see more of Julius’ journey, swipe through our story. #InMyConverse

You never know where the best seat in the house will be. Hope no one needs the bathroom. #InMyConverse

When @asvpxnvst met the Jack Purcell: two style icons converge on one iconic silhouette. Inspired by workwear, the badminton court classic gets a modern update. The full collection is available now. #ConverseXASAPNast

March 8th is an important day to recognize women, but for @yell0wyeah, January 14th feels a little more special for her. After years of putting skateboarding on the backburner, she fell back in love with her board. “I knew I wasn’t as courageous as I was when I was younger, but I had to give it a try.” The result? Two knocked-out front teeth and a story for the books. #InMyConverse

International Women’s Day isn’t just one day of the year. For @cici_xiang, a model who’s constantly pushing boundaries, she has a different idea around what makes a day special to her as a woman. As she sat as a model for a sculptural artist on November 29th, rather than in front of a fashion photographer, she felt “like I was transformed into another me. And that version will live forever.” #InMyConverse

More game off the court than on. Try to keep up. #InMyConverse

In our latest collaboration with @undercover_lab, Jun Takahashi creates an ode to opposing style tribes from cult-classic ‘70s films. Two inimitable iterations of the Chuck 70 infused with high-concept elegance and raw-edged rebellion, embracing Takahashi’s obsession with fashion’s ability to divide and unify. Which will you choose? #ConverseXUndercover

Everything about our #sparkprogress film was co-created with our London community including the track. Up-and-coming singer @celeste re-recorded the @seinabosey track “Breathe” in-between stops on her first headline shows in the US. Follow @converse_london to see how our community is making progress.

“While others are busy deciding our future, we’re busy making our own.” Meet @raye, @fengchenwang, @lavalarue, @pariafarzaneh, and @amaloumusic—5 progress-makers shaping the future of London. Follow @Converse_London to see how our community is making progress. #InMyConverse #SparkProgress

Meet @stephaniekurlow, a 17-year-old with a mission to become the world’s first professional Hijabi ballerina. “I want to inspire young girls to pursue their dreams regardless of their race, religion or background.” When we asked how she began her journey, her answer was simple: “I decided that I was going to be the first.” #InMyConverse

Meet @yunquanqin, a Singapore-based activist and bodyguard helping everyday people learn how to stay safe. “In a world that sets self-limiting boundaries and gender stereotypes, I believe empowerment is the key to create a better society. Whatever it is, a female bodyguard can.” #InMyConverse

Basketball heritage meets crafted utility. The #ERX like you’ve never seen it. Tactically transformed by TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloist, this ERX exists at the convergence of punk rock, basketball, and militaristic workwear. Available now at @tkhrthesoloistmyst #ConverseXTheSoloist

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