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Hello I have been feeling under the weather lately but maybe I will be back tomorrow. Thank you for 600 followers!

This is what I came up with it's improv and I cringed a little bit when I looked at it. There is 30 more minutes after this but instagram only allows 1 minute videos. Do you think it's good enough to send to her?

Guys great news! I have the chance to train with one of the best contortion trainers and choreographers! She has trained two of my favorite contortionists and I am so lucky to start working with her! The only thing is that she is located in Australia but that's nothing if I can fulfill my dreams. Can't wait to start working with the super talented Jasmine straga! Time to get to work on this short routine. I will post part of it tomorrow and you guys can give me critiques.

Trying to brainstorm ideas for a short routine. A big oppurtunity is ahead for me. So it has to be good.

So I have been lazy lately so enjoy this old video of an unstretched tilt.

So I'm lazy and I took a break from back stretching today so here is an old picture of a not really trying chest stand.

Guys... how did this happen when I haven't stretched in two days? I'm pretty sure this is a back fold. Both of my shoulders are on my thighs. And since I have my legs together it makes it even harder. My body baffles me sometimes.

Front kicks side and front view unstretched! I really need to work on my foot form my feet aren't flexible of strong at all.

My hips are slowly buy surely getting better.

Some shoulder and upper back stretches after a good workout. Goodnight guys!

I wonder what's keeping me from those last few inches. I'm so close! I need new hip stretches.

I make the ugliest faces when kicking.

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