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Continuum Fanbase  -Continuum🎶👤❤14📸1 - -Jayden🇦🇺❤5🗨1- -Joey🇺🇸❤4- -Sami🇳🇱❤2- -Sheffo🇮🇹❤2-

-Guess who?😇-

-Yeahhh the merchandise❤-

-Տ հ ҽ ƒ ƒ օ-
-This edit took a lot of time but there it is!❤😍-

-յ օ ҽ վ -

-Թ ɑ ɾ ɑ ժ í Տ ҽ -

-This is so funny because i'm Dutch!The way that Jayden speaks dutch to cutee😂❤😍-
-Where are you from?!-
@jrod_hd @continuum_official



-Its your boy sheffo💫🔥-

-Jayden with his twin Brother😜💙🖖-

-Hi there😜💙-

-Love this picture of Jayden🖖💙- Lovely person-
#jaydenisworthy @jrod_hd @continuum_official

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