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Contests Only  Every day or two there'll be a new contest, winner gets a shoutout :) Blind voting with finalists :D I FOLLOW BACK

@heatherd2014 is our winner for the contest "something you can't live without". This entry was love :) great photo! Congratulations! And thanks for voting everyone :)

Here are the finalists! We've got love, riding, children, and friends :) 4 beautiful photos and you guys get to choose who wins :) READ BELOW! IMPORTANT RULES!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone (including the finalists) can vote! You can vote for a maximum of 2 finalists each person. For example, one person can vote for A and B, but nothing else. One person can also, of course, just vote for one entry :) The voting is ANONYMOUS!!!!!! If you are a finalist, or a friend of a finalist, or any random voter, you CAN NOT repost this to get more votes from your followers. If you do, the finalist will be immediately disqualified.
In relation to the above rule, do not comment on this saying "oh my photo made it!!" Or anything indicating that it is your photo.
So just comment below with you're photo :)
I will close the voting when there is a fair amount of votes :) good luck to the finalists!!

New contest everyone !! Thanks for your ideas, I'm planning on using a lot of them :)
This contest is "something you can't live without" thank you to @contests_amanduh for the idea :) RULES!!!!
Each photo MUST be your own. I can tell when it is not, and it will not count.
Each person can enter up to 10 photos. Any after that will also not count.
Tag your photos #contestsonly_need and describe what it is in the photo that you can't live without. Please do not tag my account name in the photo.
These photos will be judged mainly on quality of photo and how it generally looks. Also by creativity :) And if you guys could please get the word out and recruit some more people :) encourage them to do this contest!! Shout outs work great, and if you have any other ideas on how to get more people to enter, go for it :) have fun with this everyone!

Any questions, just ask below :)

Alright everyone, I need some ideas for a new contest, but I also need some more people to enter! The last contest did not have enough photos entered. Spread the word and recruit some more people !! Shout outs maybe? However you think you can get more people to enter their great photos :). And if you have any ideas for a new contest I would love to hear them in the comments below :) if I've done it before, that's okay :)

@rayneday is the winner of the cat contest :) congrats !!
I didn't do any voting because there really weren't enough entries to choose from. For the next contest I am going to ask for everyone to try and recruit some more people to do these contests!! :) or I won't be able to continue them :(

Alright everyone ! We are going to try to get back on track with another cat contest !!
The photo above was the last contests winner :) and I ask for this contest that the finalists of the last one do not enter the same photo that made it to the finals :) thank you!! Here are the rules...
Each person can enter up to 10 photos :) any photos after the 10th will not be counted. tag your entries to #contestsonly_cats2 .. Make sure the 2 is in there!! I will not be checking the old tag. Have fun with this everybody! And encourage others to enter their photos as well :) please try not to tag my account on your entry, it fills up my newsfeed too much. Any questions, just ask below :)

Hey everybody!!! I know it's been a really long time since I last did a contest. I needed that long break tho! Life has been pretty busy for me, now that I'm in college!! :D but I want to keep doing contests for you guys, and I hope you all appreciate the time I put in :). I am going to try my best to do contests often, but no promises! There will probably end up being a lot more time for people to post entries, and a lot more time for voting. But I'll try my best to keep things going :D. ... Anyways, I will start things off with a cat contest :) I know I've probably done this before, but hey, repeats are always fun :). I'll post the rules in just a moment!

See you all in a little while!!! :))

Winner of the mountain contest is @jumarcier :) congrats!

2nd place in the mountain contest is @okinamalina :) 3rd place is @sa961102 :) and 4th is @truckchick :) congrats everyone!

VOTING STARTED!! There were so many great photos to choose from! Sorry to everyone who is not a finalist, and congrats to who is! :) let's begin voting! Comment A,B,C, or D. You may vote for your own photo :) This is all blind voting, meaning that no one can comment saying "hey everyone vote for C!" or reposting the finalists to swing more votes. This rule is here to keep things fair for all of the finalists. If you break this one simple rule, your photo will be disqualified. If you are not a finalist, but still do this for a friend or something, your vote will not count. Thank you so much for all of your entries and for voting!! Voting will close sometime tomorrow or the next day and I will post the winners soon after :)

New Contest!! Thanks to @onedirection_hp4ever for the idea :) RULES BELOW!!! ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ Mountain contest :) tag photos to #contestsonly_mountain *** LIMITED 5 ENTRIES, can be old photos as well :). Please do not tag my account, tag the actual tag #contestsonly_mountain ***MUST BE YOUR OWN PHOTOS!! I can tell when it is not your own. Let's be fair everyone :) Don't steal. Good luck to all of you! Contest will close sometime tomorrow or the next day and I will post the finalists almost immediately. Have fun guys :)

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