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Ute Klingelhöfer  Content Strategist. Mission: Discover similarities in differences. Full of ❤️ for 🚴 in #karlsruhe, ☀️ in 🇪🇸, #entrepreneurship, #socialmedia

Spring in Hamburg. After the #weDMW Camp, I went with friends straight to the "beach". Now we are enjoying the time outside. #igershamburg #sun #nature

Hallo Elbphi 🙋#weDMW

A secret photograph of a #fallera in Valencia. #Fallas is a yearly festival in #Valencia supported by #unesco . I can't explain it well, you have to experience it by yourself. Basically, every neighborhood in Valencia creates huge mascots over the year, they are on exhibition for four days mid of March and then they are burned down to the ground in just a few minutes when everything ends. From thursday to saturday is a lot of fireworks, a lot of noise and every neighborhood celebrates. #igersvalencia #falles2017

I don't know what it is about this building, but I find it very beautiful. I wouldn't like to live in it by myself but while I have to look at it everyday I may became used to its "ugliness" and start seeing the beauty in the details. Behind every balcony is a different story of a spanish citizen and I would like to discover more. I think in my next life I am going to be a professional photographer and author of a photography book called "Behind the balcony". Wouldn't this be awesome? 😂😜🙃 #igersvalencia #balcony #streetphotography #architecture #oldfashioned

Coffee break at @bocalindavalencia. Spanish language is challenging me. Who could know that this isn't a croissant con chocolate? It is a napolitana! So be aware, when you order a croissant con chocolate in Spain, they will give you a croissant, cut it in half and put nutella on the slices. I learned my lesson. :) #igersvalencia #university #studies #coffee

In Valencia they like glasses. And I have to think about @brillenfraeulein anytime I pass by a store where they sell them. #glasses #optica #igersvalencia

Oh, how long I have been waiting for this: #acaibowl for #breakfast ! Here it was as tasty as in 🇧🇷 Brazil! With Granola, Coco, Chia and Banana. #igersvalencia

Like Valensina but better. Genuinely from Valencia. Thats's how I start my day here. #vitaminc #energybooster #workisnolongeraplace #breakfast

Enjoy the silence.

Trying new things... today I flew for the first time business class. And for those of you who are wondering what is the difference to economy (I always did!), I took a photo of my breakfast up in the air. Mhhhh it was 😋 tasty. Besides that, I didn't recognize a huge difference. I guess if you really wanna feel a difference, you have to go first class. But that's wayyyyyyyy over my budget. #flying #intheair By the way: The city I am at has even a filter in instagram 😜 #workfromanywhere #workisnolongeraplace #digitalnomads

Trying a new style... also in my #webinar today I will shop up with this cap that I bought in #Lisbon when I visited it for #websummit last year. #workfromanywhere #bossbabe #entrepreneur

Sundays are for #Skateboarding . And if I want to take a break, I just sit and look into the sun. Actually, skateboarding teaches you a lot about life, failure, starting over and the rides of #entrepreneurship . I will write about that, sooner or later. Promise! #longboard #sunday #funday #skatergirl

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