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Happy Holidays from Erica and Mikey

I was sent to the wrong table four times, and one worker felt the need to tell me I looked “Mmm!” Once I was at the right table, the woman didn’t know how to spell my last name. I was so aggravated at that point, and wanted to cry, but I did it. Also, one of the candidates had my last name. 😁

Sunflowers are not only pretty. They also provide food for the bees and the birds. #savingtheplanet #oratleasttryingto

Had to maneuver this, so I don’t give away my address, but here is my first sunflower! I’ve got a smaller one that bloomed today as well, but this is the actual first one

I got into Magnet’s Conservatory program, and it only took three tries! #thirdtimesthecharm

Date night with bae. I haven’t been here since Darren Criss was in Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Thanks, @dominiccolon for sending me that link

Two packets of seeds, and three months later, I finally have a sunflower to show for it! It has been a long, hard journey with a lot of bumps in the road, but I finally have something to show for it!

My favorite Disney Prince has always been Prince Eric. I fell hard for those blue eyes, and his broad shoulders when I was only six. A year ago, I started seeing a man with the same blue eyes and love for dogs. Since then, he has become my best friend, and everything I’ve ever prayed for in a man. Happy anniversary, babe!

Lets go, Mets!

Cousin get together 2018, now with everyone that was able to make it.

Cousin get together 2018! After years of talking about doing this, it’s finally happening!

One night only, playing with Magnet Veteran team, Junior Varsity!

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