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Erica Soto  I'm not a vampire

One night only, playing with Magnet Veteran team, Junior Varsity!

Who-Prov does Borough Con.

Who-Prov is playing the Pit, and it’s my first time playing here, so this is awesome!

#ripanthonybordain #ripkatespade #riprobinwilliams We lose too many people to this.

Having fun at camp

Just two goobers that have officially been dating nine months. Taken in the theater where we first met.

I think Max is enjoying the warm weather

The Mono-scene class was canceled. 😟
This was after the Conservatory class I applied for was also canceled. 😡
While I’m excited to be studying under another great female improviser, I’m also hoping third time is the charm.

Hello, Spring. 🌸

I got flowers from Mikey today ❤️ Things are not always perfect with us, but they never are in any relationship. No matter how many petty squabbles we get into, I know every time I look in his eyes, he’s the one for me.

Never look at Instagram while walking

Does anyone know what this is?

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