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Constance  Food aficionado🍽 It's a pleasure to share with you. Love music.Love hiphop. 🖖🏻Love travelling 👣👣👣 you know my name not my story

It's lovely! I have a dog, more than a month.It sleeps all day, and dreams about eating, its mouth still moving😄😄😄
@puppyglobe @lovelucydog

The dog wears glasses and feels very handsome. Look at the camera and smile🐶🐶

The green eyed cat did a good shot at the camera😼🐱🐱
#cats #green eyes

It's better to stay indoors in hot weather.
#佛山科学馆 #佛山艺术村

#南风古灶 I've been playing outside for the hottest few days. I've got a few degrees of tanning and become hot and deformed

最中意逛超市的零食区了 @dacoitkkk 都未摆正就已经影左了😰

#广州长隆水上乐园 谢谢你陪我玩了两天,还陪着我去挑战极限

#方圆 #胭脂柠檬碧螺春A good place to have tea in the afternoon🕒🕒🍹🍹

#方圆 high tea😬😬

#初代宇治抹茶 抹茶不苦,原味的抹茶蛋糕里面有yogurt的味道,继抹茶雪糕后的第二好评

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