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Conspiracys are fun  Alja and Eneja 30.6.2017

We have lots of pictures from the first moon landing that's why we think it happened...but if you look better at the pictures you can see a lot of things that make the first moon landing seem fake. Well an example: in the first picture it looks like the flag is moving like there is wind..well guess what.. THERE IS NO WIND ON THE MOON! And then the second picture..doesn't it seem like something is missing..stars..where did they go huh..they just disappeared. There are many other photos for example: in one you can see a stage light in the astronauts more reason to belive that all these pictures were taken in a studio so Americans can say they were first on the moon.. What do you belive..?

》Avril Lavigne theory:The theory says because her supposed "death" occurred at the peak of her career, Ms Lavigne's record company hired a lookalike known as Melissa Vandella to impersonate her. Vandella was reportedly recruited beforehand to pose as the Canadian singer for paparazzi.Some of her fans even noticed that her style has changed alot.....Let us know what you think in the comments.《

Did anybody else ever thought that the Bermuda triangle and the illuminati are connected?..

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