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Consolous  🤡 Glam metal and Hard Rock enthusiast 🌠 Solace and reflection are my purpose ⏬ Subscribe, full covers coming soon⏬

"I Remember You" by Skid Row. The first song I heard from them. It always gives me this nostalgic feeling even though I wasn't around in the 80's. Unfortunately, I don't have a whammy bar to do the flashy tricks in this solo, but I'll remake this when do. This is a perfect song to dedicate to someone, enjoy! 👍@scottihill @sebastianbach @officialskidrow

Sometimes I like driving alone with some nice emotional music. That's why I like taking GTA's fictional Emotion 98.3 radio with me. It makes me laugh and cry and laugh some more. Kind of like this: 😂 This is "Stone Cold" by Rainbow

I have neglected my rhythm work for too long. This riff from XYZ's "Inside Out" is so catchy. Impossible not to move! 👍

In honor of Slash's (ft. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators) new album "Living The Dream", I decided to cover my favorite off of it called "The Great Pretender" (it reminds me a little bit of "Don't Cry". Since this just came up, I had to learn every instrument by ear. It was totally worth it 🤘Go buy the album and support them if you like them (mine's on the way)
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"Heaven" by Warrant. Jani Lane never ceases to amaze me. Such raw emotion that can be felt in this song 😎 @warrantrocks @maddilean

"Broken Heart" by White Lion. Honestly, Vito Bratta was ahead of his time, he made the guitar sing in sich a beautiful way that I haven't heard from anyone else. This solo was way harder than it looks, many f-words were used in the making of this video. 🙂

Yet another one for the ladies. This ballad is called "Miles Away" by Winger. The song in combination with the music video are killer. Don't worry fellas, heavy stuff is coming soon 🤘🤘@kipwinger @wingertheband

This song has such a cool, airy vibe. I'll cover the solo in a near future. "Hysteria" by Def Leppard! 🤘

"I Still Think About You" by Danger Danger. So I've been listening to a bunch of emotional rock ballads lately. What's wrong with me?! WHAT?! *Neighbor yells* Shut up!

I have been recently feeling the blues. Thankfully there's music like this to keep me somewhat sane. This is Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Tuesday's Gone". It is indeed gone, as it is now Thursday.

Gotta change things up, I actually have almost never played standing up, gotta get used to it. This is "Mama, I'm Coming Home" by Ozzy Osbourne and the solo by the great, father Zakk Wylde

This song might be the catalyst that made me pick up the guitar. I said to the teacher, "I wanna rock!" and the rest is history! 😎

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