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Just wrote this right now. Cool idea that I'll develop when the time comes

One Last Breath by @creedoficial
Amazing song with such a nice sounding clean guitar by Mark Tremonti. The guitar really speaks for itself... Beautiful and melancholic. Eventually I'll make a complete proper cover to this masterpiece.

So I've been working relentlessly to get this album ready before classes begin as I probably won't have much time as I do now. This is song #5 called "Take Me". Hopefully I can complete it in these couple of days so I can go on to the next one.

Have to give some love to my tiny nylon guitar my brother gave me on my birthday (best gift and no, it wasn't today). My main acoustic is a steel string guitar but there's something so soothing about the nylon ones. Gotta learn some classical and flamenco on this one for fun.

Terrible news for the world... It's curious how today I had a nightmare about death, and then I wake up to this tragedy. As a fan and musician myself, Chris Cornell influenced generations including me through his majestic passionate voice. You will be remembered. RIP @chriscornellofficial

#tbt When I went with my brothers camping this past summer. Good and fun times in nature. I should get back there again but not on summer... Mosquitoes and flies ate us alive last time we went.

Monday I created this piece of music and added a solo on top in around an hour, and now I'm stuck deciding whether making it a whole song now and adding it to my debut album or leaving it for the second one later on. Working title "A Reason To Live"

Cool mini Porsche expo at Sunset Place

"Ghost Of Days Gone By" by Alter bridge from one of my favorite albums of all time, AB III (If not the favorite). Beautiful melody that reminds you of how brief life is. One day I'll definitely do a proper cover!

So this bird appeared on top of my brother's car and I'm lucky I got a good close shot at it. Seems like a heron but I might be wrong. *sigh* Even a bird is more photogenic than me.

A new song I started working on the last couple of days. Got this main idea a long time ago and now I revisited it to make it a whole song. Already wrote and recorded all the guitar, drums and bass. Just need to write the lyrics, record vocals, mix and master. Song is in Open D5 tuning. Working title is "Take Me"

I just saw a rainbow car, pretty cool. I wonder how they achieved this effect.

Finally my Alter Bridge The Last Hero copy arrived. Too bad not didn't come with the bonus tracks 'Last Of Our Kind' and 'Breathe'. Guess I'll go to BestBuy to get it. Love the album, with many long songs it feels like an adventure from beginning to end. Really recommend it!

This recently arrived. An oldie but goodie indeed. Seether's debut album Disclaimer II, truly a masterpiece. I love that with this edition we receive a whooping 20 songs for the price of a normal album. Nostalgia at it's best!

I wonder if these musicians miss their instrument when it's put for showcase. Must be nice to immortalized that way though.

Recently got this Alter Bridge DVD, kind of late as their new album is coming soon, but it was worth the money. It's nice learning about the process that goes into making music from your influences themselves.

That tree is more photogenic than me.

The combination between human architecture and nature is beauty itself.

Cool shot from just the right angle.

Love Miami architecture.

Record stores are my kryptonite.

Nothing like the beauty of nature.

Started writing this new song yesterday and today I started recording the ideas based on the lyrics I wrote. In the video I'm recording bass. In this song I'm out of my comfort zone as I wrote the lyrics directly about how I was feeling and didn't really care much about sounding cool. I usually write music first but this time I wrote the lyrics and then today I worked on the music. This is my song for the month (One song one month challenge of the Recording Revolution)
P.D. Sorry for the low volume

What a photogenic hippo!

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