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This summer is about to be over and it’s freaking me out low key. The year we started is almost over and we have accomplished a lot but we still have some goals we still want to accomplish! Don’t get tired just get more hungry. Run the race all the way through.
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Had a great time in New York going to trade shows catching up with friends and learning more about my industry. Moving forward I can't wait to get back to work and make some thing I can love and believe in. I got something for you 😬 #paqpics

To me some outfits are like memories, something to be cherished. As we grow through life our style evolves but it's still fun to wear something in a way you use to. For me this style of a fit is what I wore often in Italy with all Florence homies. S/O @piatra @drakeirvine @pretty_face_flotown @rahdeemyaself and every one else I never will forget the times we had.

Shot by : @shaughncooper

Any one who truly know me know that I am a man of many accessories! These items personify your persona and your look. To me all of my accessories are special to me. I only but them if it connects with me and tells my story. Go on your own adventure and find those pieces that define you. S/O to @meepsdc that's where I got my glasses and I got my charm from @currentboutique. You never know where you are going to find a gem !

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Rain or not it's the summer ! Which means it's time to really make use of warmer tones in our wardrobe by just to be fashionable but to get your energy up ! Start making a change on the outside to help influence what's going on inside !
Don't just use this summer for fun but also work on your self and who you want to be. It couldn't hurt to just invest in your self a little.
Shot by @shaughncooper shaughncooper
Shirt provided by @niftygenius

Design is something special to me. It is a place where I can express my self and create things from my heart. It has showed me my strength while also exposing my weakness. There where times when I felt my lowest sitting at the foot of a sewing Machine. It is my constant task to master my self through engaging a craft . Over my last semester at school @bbyquail asked me if she could document me working on some of my pieces for her upcoming work. In this photo I am working on a piece based off of Seppuku or Harakiri which is a form of Japanese ritual suicide .

Thank you to @rugratphotography for letting me be in the greatest black boy band for 2 hrs a couple weeks ago ! Check out this photo series : Black Koffe / Black Boy Joy and more on her page!

Double denim in the sunshine ...and a smile 🌞

I Promise this is the last one !! I just wanted to thank all of the individuals involved in the show ! I want to thank the models for Being patient with me. @vivaladanni @caiaxvci @juliannacarfaro @ashtonkgardner @lyricitaa for being the greatest team Eva peers and teachers ! My dressers holding me down for quick changes ! And I wanna shout out @raliciamoreno and @slvbzombie for helping me push and grow in the studio and I only hope I do the same for you. I really have started to invest more time into being a designer and understand how to harness and use design. I have been cutting down on the audience in my life and only focus on the key players in the name of productivity. I plan to showcase more if my work over the summer and share it with all of you lovely people but more intentionally for my work. If you want to be involved or just create let's chat . Who know what we can all grow together !
Designer: @cathy_olivar
Shot by : @marcusmoreno_media

Tonight is the last night of the show ! Can't wait to show my stuff one more time ! Here some more shots from the shoot we did for it !
Designer : @cathy_olivar
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Hey guys been super busy lately had to cut down on the post ! Last night I won the trail blazer award at my school for innovation for design ! I show 5 of pieces while also modeling and helping produce the actual show it self ! I was also lucky enough to get chosen to model for the campaign for the show ! I was even luckier to be able to wear my good friend @cathy_olivar 's garment in the shoot ! Keep the grind up keep your mind tight ! Their are flowers at the end of the tunnel !

Photo creds @marcusmoreno_media

☂️🔮☂️ The highlight is the journey not the destination .
Shot by @shaughncooper

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