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Conrad Whelan  🇨🇦. Cosmopolitan. Technologist. Humanist. Lover of Cities, Mountains, Oceans, Film, Literature, Art, Pets, Jams. Exuberant rationalizer.

Iceland. Forgot how beautiful this place was. Here for the week to learn the @iceman_hof method. We've just barely begun.... #cold #mentality #landscape

Took a day trip to DC today to see the @smithsonian @burningman exhibition as well as the Museum of African American History and Culture. Great day. Bonus was stumbling upon this guy made with love by my good friends @lisaandcamera and @robert.ferguson.73 ❤️❤️🇨🇦🇺🇸❤️❤️ 📷: @deprimer

Watching @rza doing a live soundtrack of The 36th Chamber of Shaolin. Super Freaking undeniably COOL! Highlight of the weekend for sure

Architectural treasures. Yum yum. Apparently this was Charlie Chaplins theatre back in the day. #architecture #downtownla #charliechaplin #summit2018

Marian Goodell and Guy Laliberte speaking on the power of collective experiences. Appropriate start to this weekend. #summit2018

Well #meowwolf was a pretty cool space and experience. Enjoyed the tour and hearing about their visions for the future of digital storytelling. #imagineering #interactiveart #creativity

The snake situation became apparent pretty quickly after takeoff but this pilot managed it pretty damn well if I say so myself. Had such a fun time in New York for Halloween this year. Wish I got more photos though. #halloweennyc #cityofgods #snakesontheplane

In Berlin for a birthday party. I've attended a few birthday parties in my day, but this is the first one I'm participating in here. Yeeeeehah

Mistakes of the past. Walls. #history #berlinwall #reconciliation

Lest we forget. It's been a memorable week travelling with family, retracing steps, learning history, reading diaries and documents, and finally just being humbled and thankful for the many sacrifices made in the past to give the world that I've been lucky enough to live in. As a bonus, Italy is just so breathtakingly beautiful too! #lestweforget #thankful #family #italy #ww2

This is my grandfather Charles Whelan. He's standing somewhere up high in Ortona, Italy in 1943 or 1944. He also has an epic mustache. Wow. Anyway, this was the site of some of the heaviest fighting for the Canadian Army on the southern front. He was injured 3 times including here before he was sent back home to Canada to start a family that eventually included me. It is Canadian Thanksgiving and it feels really special to actually be in Ortona with all of his children and my sister and some cousins to see this place that was such a huge part of his life. #lestweforget #ww2 #family #thanksgiving

Spent the last two days in Sicily. Went to the beach where my grandfather's regiment (the Loyal Edmonton) came ashore in WW2, followed their route across the countryside and then visited the very well done war museum in Catania. We also stopped to pay our respects at the British, German, and Canadian cemeteries. Humbling stuff indeed. #lestweforget #sacrifice #ww2 #family

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