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We either believe in free speech or we don't. And when you punish a man for exercising that right, for speaking out against the abuses of the powerful, for speaking out against murder, for believing in the ideals of an egalitarian democratic society, for knowingly risking his future in the sport he loves because he believes in the ideals of freedom and equal treatment under the law, for fighting for everything a patriot is supposed to fight for; when you punish that man, you stand firmly against the ideals meant to elevate and protect us all.
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At once....
In a time where @berniesanders is being called a "narcissistic old man" (in the words of Fran Lebowitz) for pushing a single payer Medicare for all healthcare system (his job as a representative leader, considering this is what over 60% of the country wants) and the Senate Republicans are once again gearing up to repeal Obamacare with no debate, no official CBO score (early estimates already place it at over 25 million left without coverage) and no replacement for those left uninsured, because we "just don't have the money to cover the American people for free;" the Senate just overwhelmingly passed a 700 billion dollar military budget increase and no one bats an eye. No pundits, no "fiscal conservatives", no member of the "liberal media", for one moment asks: "but how will we pay for this?"...or even "what exactly are we paying for?"
The reality of our government is that war is an acceptable expense, even if people must go without healthcare, education, or a living wage; even if half the country makes 30,000 dollars a year or less, it's worth it. But healthcare, but education but combating poverty...simply not worth it. This is no accident. These are the means of control. This is what keeps a population sick, uninformed and desperate; with no time to meditate on how to make something better. And in this case, both sides truly are responsible. This is exactly the way they want us. This is what keeps them in charge.

P.S. while you often hear from the media that the Republicans have no real solution to the healthcare debate beyond repealing the ACA what you never hear is why...it's because the Democrats already implemented their idea. Obamacare (an individual mandate system that requires everyone to buy private insurance) was the Republican answer to single payer. It was pitched by Nixon, developed by the Heritage foundation (a right wing think tank) and Mitt Romeney himself implemented it when he was governor of Massachusetts. When the Democrats go right, the Republicans do not go left...they go further right. This is what the establishment seems not to understand.
Photo of Nick and I in NY by @girlsgoneoscarwilde
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Today, Senator Bernie Sanders is introducing his Medicare For All healthcare bill to the Senate. The last time he did this, he could not find one Senator to co-sponsor the bill. Today, because of the organizing, activism and relentless persistence of the people, and the work of groups like the Justice Democrats, over a dozen Democratic Senators have found the courage to support us.
Here is the list (as of yesterday) of those Democrats supporting and those who have yet to get on board. Is yours among them?
Thank you to everyone who has pushed for a truly progressive agenda and to all of those who will never stop pushing.
#feelthebern #medicareforall #justicedemocrats #berniewouldhavewon

Sometimes there are no gray areas....
Ending DACA is not about economics. Dreamers statistically bolster our economy and over 90% are employed. It is not about security. 100% have absolutely no criminal record. It is not about the will of the people. The overwhelming majority of Americans want to defend DACA, including a majority of Trump supporters.
This is rascim. This is cruelty. This is empty. This is ugly. This is cowardly. This is unforgivable.
We can not change the past but we can refuse to repeat it. Defend your brothers and sisters.
Jeff Session, the spineless man Trump sent out to deliver this awful message because he is somehow even more of a coward, stated that DACA needed to go because the executive order that began it (signed by Obama) was a gross, unconstitutional overreach of the executive branch.
Really, Mr. Sessions? What was one of your boss's first acts as President? An executive order on immigration banning immigrants from 7 Muslim majority countries. You didn't have a word to say about executive overreach then. The hypocrisy of these people defies definition.
What are we to take from these actions if not: "the order is about barring forgeiners based on religion, that's good. The order is about allowing people of color to live the American dream, that's bad."
And these men (Trump, Sessions, etc.) get so deeply offended when they're called racists....
Text RESIST to 50409 to tell your senators you want to Defend DACA.
#resist #peace #DACA

Labor Day....
As we celebrate the workforce, let's remeber that in this country, where productivity is at an all time high, we are in no way supporting our brothers and sisters who are laboring for our collective benefit. We do not have pay equity for women, we do not have adequate paid leave, we do not have a national living wage, we do not guarantee healthcare to our citizens (which would offset the price of providing it for business and allow them to pay their workers more) and the current administration is hell-bent on slashing every environmental regulation meant to protect the health of workers. Let no Democrat (regardless of your personal politics, you can not deny that the Republican party does not support any of the initiatives just mentioned) tell you they stand for the people if they do not support these essential protections. And speaking of the Democrats, a lawsuit filed against the DNC for colluding with the Clinton campaign and rigging the 2016 primary against Bernie Sanders (a charge they admit to) was just thrown out of court because the judge decided the plaintiffs could not prove the actions of the DNC (suspending democracy in favor of their own interests) had hurt the American voter. Imagine this was another organization. Imagine the NFL admitted to rigging the Superbowl and a judge said: "no, it's okay, that doesn't affect the fans at all." There would be mass protests and the NFL would never recover; nor should it. The resistance must go far beyond this man Trump and his cronies. Anyone who tells you it is enough to simply stand up to him alone is a lethargic oligarch who has no desire to change the status quo.

Photo by @girlsgoneoscarwilde
#resist #peace #berniewouldhavewon #feelthebern

What has happened....
First and foremost, Houston is experiencing a crisis of extreme severity and everyone there can use not only our prayers but our action. If you are able, please donate to All Hands, Greater Houston Community Fund, the Houston Humane Society and many others. We must also acknowledge that on August 15th, Trump revoked an Obama executive order for establishing a federal flood risk management standard and process. His budget cut FEMA by 15% and he has yet to install a permanent administrator. His budget also cut the coast guard (who assists in flood rescues) by 15%. And this is a man who (during a natural disaster) is threatening a government shutdown if we won't buy him a wall. And while this is going on, our President casually pardoned sheriff Joe Arpaio, a criminal facing jail time for wilfully ignoring a court order to stop violating the 4th amendment rights of Americans. A man who is a proven bigot and racial profiler. A man who once described his own jails as "concentration camps". This is the "law and order" sheriff that our "law and order" President thinks deserves a break. And while this is going on, our government, in a horrendous display of bipartisanship (as George Carlin put it: "the word bi-partisan means some larger than usual deception is being carried out") the Democrats and Republicans voted to add 100 billion to the defense budget and the President has decided to throw more Americans into the fires of Afghanistan. Our warring parties seem to always agree on supporting the military industrial complex. And while this is going on, Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions (when we have countless murders of unarmed civilians by police officers and still not one police conviction) have decided to remove an Obama era restriction on military weapons being funneled to local police departments (these include tanks and bayonets). And while this is going on, a federal judge has allowed the Trump administration to access the information of the more than 1.2 million people who visited the disruptJ20 innaguration protest site. Open your eyes wide.
Photo by: @girlsgoneoscarwilde
#resist #peace #justicedemocrats

Remember that this is what the police force looked like in Furgeson three years ago during the Michael Brown protests. There was a similar show of force against the peaceful protesters at Standing Rock.
Nothing remotely close to this was assembled in Charlottesville, despite the presence of unabashedly violent hate groups (neo-Nazis, the KKK and white supremicits calling themselves "nationalists" or the "alt-right") who not only use genocidal rhetoric but came to their protest armed.
By all accounts the police force (who work for the local and state governments) in Charlottesville more or less stood back and watched.
So when Deomcrats and Republicans claim outrage at events like this, do not just take them at their word. Look to how they choose to appropriate our resources. Do they invest in the elements (like education, a living wage and healthcare) that will prevent this type of misguided hatred and violence? Or do they instead approve more military spending (as the Dems and Repubs just did) while telling us that single payer healthcare is just too damn expensive?

#resist #peace #Charlottesville

Charlottesville.... To those that stand against equality, to those who use hatred and violence, to those who believe themselves "superior"...you are cowards, you are terrorists and you are wrong. For all your teeth gnashing, chest beating, screaming, punching and killing, you are powerless in the face of the great love the rest of humanity feels for one another. You set yourselves apart from us all.
And to the President (Donald Trump) and his vice President (Mike Pence) and his Attorney General (Jeff Sessions) who have neither the will nor the courage to separate themselves from Nazis and Klansmen and to fight against hatred and protect the people of this country from domestic terrorism, we see you for what you are and there are more of us every day.

#resist #peace #charlottesville

Some questions.... Senator John McCain has made headlines for critisizing the President's statements about wanting to replace our "losing" general in Afghanistan by saying he's been doing a fine job and to leave him be.
This begs a few questions:
What exactly would "winning" look like?
Why, after 16 years and less than a 1/5th of the nation supporting it, are we still at war with Afghanistan?
Why do we take it for granted that the United States is perpetually at war with no clear objective save, apparently, war itself?
Why are we training a generation of young Americans (anyone under the age of 16 does not know an America at peace) to see constant warfare as a fact of life?
Could it have something do with the fact that some of the most powerful people in this country have become extremely wealthy from the war business?
And why in a nation that claims to be governed by morality would we ever we accept warfare as an industry to profit from?

Photo by: @gracevandien @girlsgoneoscarwilde
#nomorewars #peace #resist

Since the beginning of organic life on this planet, there have been five mass extinctions. Scientists say we are now in the beginning of the sixth...except this one is different. This is the first one being caused by the direct and pernicious actions of one singular species: humans.
This is bigger than any one of us. Regardless of what you believe, every major religion teaches that humans are the caretakers of this earth; that like it or not, being the dominant species on the planet comes with the responsibility to protect it. This has to be bigger than a few hundred people's 'bottom line'.
Resist disenfranchisement, resist apathy, resist hatred, resist fear, resist greed, resist.

To help get money out of politics (the driving force behind our collective regression) please visit www.wolf-pac.com

Photo by @gracevandien

Things they won't say....
Photo by: @gracevandien

While the healthcare debate (if we actually believe it's about healthcare and not lining the pockets of the Republican donor base) rages in DC, something quite revealing occured in California the other day.
SB 562, the single payer health care proposal that would have guaranteed universal healthcare to all Californians was defeated...by a Democrat.
California Assembly speaker, Anthony Rendon refused to allow the bill to come to a floor vote, after it had passed the California senate with a healthy majority.
So, despite living in a "democracy", a bill which has the support of the majority of Californians, a bill which reflects a concept (single payer health care) that has the support of over 80% of Democrats and over 50% of Republicans, was killed not by a vote, but by one man who refused to allow the democratic process to take place.
Why? He says the bill needs more 'review' but perhaps it has something to do with the fact that over his career, Anthony Rendon has received more than $101,000 from pharmaceutical companies and another $50,000 from major insurance companies (all of whom opposed this bill).
To all the Corporate Democrats...donors do not win elections (Hillary's campaign was the most well funded in history and she lost to an idiot who spent half as much and John Ossoff's multi-million dollar donor base in Georgia still resulted in his defeat) people win elections.
Who do you represent, Anthony?
How about trying us?
If you want to be part of the fight against corporatocracy, check out www.justicedemocrats.com
#resist #peace #brandnewcongress #justicedemocrats

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain....
Keep an eye out for the upcoming #electricdreams on Amazon.
Often what is shown up front (Russia/Trump) is the smoke screen for the issues that cut the deepest. The Senate Republicans have been meeting in secret (actually) to craft their own version of Trumpcare/Ryancare/AHCA. A bill which the president at first called "tremendous" and now is calling "mean" and a "son of a bitch." When asked why they weren't sharing the bill (legislation that will in some way, a miniscule group for the better and most for the worse, effect every single American) a Senate GOP aide said "we're not stupid." Fair enough, stupidity could be forgiven.

And while these few men whisper in backrooms, the officer that killed Philando Castile is acquitted of any wrongdoing; serving to highlight once again that we have a two tier justice system, one that does little to protect the vast majority of the people, especially if you are a minority. The head official of this system is Jeff Sessions, a man who thinks we should be locking up more Americans for non-violent drug offenses while never thinking to speak to the intelligence community once about Russian involvement in the election (an investigation that is now directly focused on his boss). These (not just the man Donald Trump, but a government, both in matters of legislation and in justice, that serves only the few, only the already powerful; at the great expense of the people) are the issues that we must protest, organize and demonstrate against.

#resist #peace #philandocastile #blacklivesmatter

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