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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain....
Keep an eye out for the upcoming #electricdreams on Amazon.
Often what is shown up front (Russia/Trump) is the smoke screen for the issues that cut the deepest. The Senate Republicans have been meeting in secret (actually) to craft their own version of Trumpcare/Ryancare/AHCA. A bill which the president at first called "tremendous" and now is calling "mean" and a "son of a bitch." When asked why they weren't sharing the bill (legislation that will in some way, a miniscule group for the better and most for the worse, effect every single American) a Senate GOP aide said "we're not stupid." Fair enough, stupidity could be forgiven.

And while these few men whisper in backrooms, the officer that killed Philando Castile is acquitted of any wrongdoing; serving to highlight once again that we have a two tier justice system, one that does little to protect the vast majority of the people, especially if you are a minority. The head official of this system is Jeff Sessions, a man who thinks we should be locking up more Americans for non-violent drug offenses while never thinking to speak to the intelligence community once about Russian involvement in the election (an investigation that is now directly focused on his boss). These (not just the man Donald Trump, but a government, both in matters of legislation and in justice, that serves only the few, only the already powerful; at the great expense of the people) are the issues that we must protest, organize and demonstrate against.

#resist #peace #philandocastile #blacklivesmatter

If you read one book this year.... The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one.
Howard Zinn's singular history book shines an uncompromising light on the United States and its story. From the initial theft of this land and slaughter of its people to the modern specter of imperialist capitalism, between its pages are many years of struggle and sorrow but also of hope. Hope of a people's revolution over 200 years in the making. Hope that one day soon, we the people will create a society of peace, equality and joy, not for the few but for all of us.
#howardzinn #peopleshistoryoftheunitedstates #resist

This is Tim.
Tim is a DJ.
Tim is perhaps the greatest DJ of all time.
But Tim has a problem...he's getting too old. Tim is almost 26.
Pray for him. #swedishdicks @swedishdicks

No going back....
Photo by @gracevandien

The news that Trump is pulling us out of the Paris climate agreement should shock no one.
He promised during the campaign that he would do this, and when he hired climate change denier (and legitimate Captain Planet villain Scott Pruitt to head the EPA), and when he began stripping away all funding for climate science, and when he destroyed the Clean Power Plan...we had to know this was coming.
Now, the list of countries not abiding by the Paris Accord reads: Syria (a war torn nation in crises), Nicaragua (the poorest nation in the western hemisphere) and the United States of America.
This will not only will have the obvious devastating physical effects on our collective world, but it keeps the US out of the clean energy economy; an economic market that is estimated to be worth 6 trillion dollars by 2030. Trump and his enablers (Bannon, Ryan, Pence) can't even look out for the one thing that actually matters to them...the money.
Even Trump's Secretary of State (Rex Tillerson, a man who dedicated his life to destroying our planet with fossil fuels for his own personal benefit) is against this move. He's seen the evidence. Regardless of what these people will admit in public, they all know the truth of climate change and what a deep precipice we stand before.
The Paris Accord was no where near enough but it was a start.
Now, our responsibility is to demand something better. It is so plainly up to us. Our leaders have earned none of our respect or fealty. They will not protect our home. We must be the ones to defend it.

#resist #peace #climatechange

The first 6 episodes of the web series Business Doing Pleasure (that I had the great pleasure to work on) are now premiering on www.fullscreen.com
Check them out and enjoy.
@carolynhennesy might just be a comic genius.

@gabriel_mann, who's only getting better.
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Side by side....
When you fire the man investigating you and then claim it was really just because he mistreated your opponent (whom you wanted jailed 6 months ago), and then that--no, actually--it was because he was bad at his job--and actually, he wasn't investigating you at all--and but really, it wasn't even your idea to fire him in the first place--but then, yeah that thing he was investigating you for, that's why you fired him--and also, he better not say anything or else...when you've reached that level of unilateral ineptitude...isn't it better to just admit that you're guilty? It would take much less effort.
Power never concedes anything without demand. Remember that all over the world, your friends are standing with you.

If you live in CA, tomorrow, May 16, vote NO on Charter C. It weakens accountability for cops already found guilty of misconduct. #noonc

#resist #peace #impeachtrump

Thanks to @iddophoto for including me in his #prep series. His work, both behind the camera and (especially) in front of it, is a constant source of inspiration.

In three weeks, the California senate votes on a state wide medicare for all bill. Let's continue to be a truly progressive model for the nation. Call your representatives and ask them to support #sb562
At the same time, Congressional republicans are once again trying (today) to pass a replacement healthcare bill that, among sweeping cuts to medicare (something Trump swore would never happen on his watch), would remove mandatory coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. That would mean returning to a system where any child born with health problems could and would be denied insurance coverage for the rest of their lives. This does not represent the will of the people! They claim to believe in democracy and then take every opportunity to remind us we live in an oligarchy. I, for one, am tired of it. Make sure they hear you on capitol hill.
#resist #peace #brandnewcongress

Yesterday, a 15 year old boy named Jordan Edwards was shot and killed by a Texas police officer. He was unarmed, in no way resisting arrest, nor was he a suspect of a crime.
I challenge any of those who defend America's overwhelming gun culture or seek to prevent the work being done to reform police training and protocol across this nation (shame on you Attorney General Sessions) to stand up against what happened to this innocent boy last night.
#jordanedwards #blacklivesmatter #sayhisname #resist #peace

The climate surrounds you....
These days weather and climate are often confused. The weather changes daily, momentarily; governed by many factors and moves with the seasons. The climate is meant to be the constant. The forces that sustain us as living organisms. The home that we share with every member of our family. We should all be prepared to fight for our homes and protect our families from any and all threats.
As #berniesanders has been saying for years (a little louder as of late): climate change is the single greatest threat to our collective existence.
This should not be partisan issue. Neither politics nor capitalism should be held above the planet they exist on. This is a solvable problem but it will not be solved for us.
From Washington D.C. to California people are marching today for our climate and for our family. Please join us.

Photo of and by family: @thetylershields
#marchforscience #climatechange
#resist #peace

Christa B. Allen, timeless.

Ancient wisdom....
Plato once spoke of the two forces required to lead a democracy into a dictatorship.
He identifies them as habitual engagement in foreign wars and savagely blind partisanship among elected officials.
Think on this as the President takes the first steps into a war with Syria (something he swore for the whole of his campaign would be a horrible mistake, something he would never be so foolish as to do) and as Congressional Republicans (after 8 years of the most obstruction in U.S. history and consistent use of the filibuster to block Obama's agenda) use the nuclear option to destroy the minority party's ability to filibuster for good, and push their SCOTUS nominee through.
It is as it has always been, the people's responsibility to create and protect the system of government we believe in.
Let's fight for Democracy. I'm told it works.
#resist #peace

Photo by: @thetylershields

Selling for....
In the past few days, congressional Republicans have taken steps to effectively do away with net neutrality. What this means is that your internet service providers (without your consent) will be able to sell, to any third party, all the data they collect on you. Therefore, advertising will become even more targeted and thus, more powerful.
What we know as modern advertising, the push towards perpetual consumption, is a massive and polluted thorn in our collective side. It calls for brutal competition among our societies and creates artificial scarcity (think diamonds) around the world at large. Most damaging of all, it promotes the idea that happiness comes from without, from what you take from this life rather than what you give to it.
Keep your eyes wide open and remeber that you should never have to be told what you need. You know it already.
#resist #peace

Seeing is believing and vision is power but it's not enough to observe, we have to act.
Thank you to everyone who made calls to their representatives and demonstrated in the streets to protect the ACA. The fight continues but you were seen.
Thank you.
Photo by: @thetylershields

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