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connor  you guys are just jealous because all my friends that know me tell me i remind them of beyoncé

popped back home for a brief moment and look what FINALLY arrived! it’s been such a long time coming and i worked so hard for this piece of paper. if anyone in the brooklyn/NYC area knows a full-time job (film-related ideally) i could get with this please holler @ your boy

so happy i decided to see my favorite 2018 film one more time before it leaves theaters! SUSPIRIA WARRIORS MAKE SOME NOISE

happy thanksgiving from me to you! i have a lot to be thankful for this year 💖 enjoy the holiday everyone!


round 2 🥳🔮🔪

hi! i didn’t get a sticker to prove that i did it, but a fun activity for halloween is voting early! it’s a super chic, easy, vip experience you should take advantage of if you can! and if not, remember to vote on november 6th! happy halloween 🎃

new episode of our beloved show is available now on itunes, soundcloud, stitcher, and coming soon to spotify!

[youtuber voice] hey guys sorry i haven’t posted in a while!

I’ve ended Kelly Reichardt and Terrence Malick with this trip

I post every year on Madonna’s birthday how important she is to me and now watching videos of her in bed with my boyfriend really just solidifies that. Influential to me in so many ways. Love you @madonna and thank you for the years of inspiration ❤️

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