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We like to keep people healthy @thestrengthfactory1, no shitty advice, just helping to build people to be their absolute best. Awesome vibes in the gym at the moment - great to see the community and culture building 🙌🏻 @andyhibb89 @zaccotton @danielbaldwinap3 @karatekid212 @hel981 @aimee.louise86

A little repost but much cleaner and for people who missed. 2 simple tips on how to enjoy a social outing. The advice could be endless, here’s the start...

What does success look like to you? Will you ever get there? Will you ever be satisfied? I feel it’s important to make positive impact on not only the people around you, but on everyone. One little decision could impact a random person for the better. Who else wants people to succeed in everything they do? 🤚

Supplements Part 2 - Again, supplements aren’t a must, but if you can afford them then definitely use them to squeeze that extra 1% out of your training. Part 2 goes to beta alanine and caffeine, give the pic a read! #supps #train #fit #fitfam #instafit #muscle #build #gains #gainz #work #diet #dieting #buildmuscle

4 simple tips to not over complicate your nutrition. Stick to the basics, no fancy fads or lies, just simplicity.

Who else likes to set them self a certain standard of how they look? It could be a certain bodyweight, it could be keeping hold and having visible abs or something totally different, each to their own. For me i know how I’ll look at certain bodyweight and like to maintain around the 185lbs-192lbs mark. Sometimes it’s get away from me, that’s when it’s brought back and fixed. Don’t let yourself go too far, and you’ll only be a short diet away from looking good again.

Supplements - 👉🏻 Creatine Monohydrate - Tried and tested with tons of research to back it up. Aim for 3-5g per day. Great for increasing muscle and overall strength. 👉🏻 Whey Protein - Not a necessity but very handy to have. Use only when you need to, mainly when a meal is low in protein or to help curb hunger. #ngcpresents

@themfceoproject knowledge bombs daily. Never has complaining about life made your life better. Don’t like something? Work to fix it.

How to enjoy social outings without any of the guilt...
👉🏻 We know that going out for food and drinks is the bane of any fat loss diet. You’re gonna eat some flack from friends, you’re gonna get pressured to drink and throw you off plan, let’s be real, it’s a given 💯 #. Follow these steps to stay on track and still drop bodyfat whilst enjoying your social life. 1️⃣ Plan Ahead - find out where you will be eating, this is a must to go in with the right mindset to make the correct choices.
2️⃣ Save Your Calories - You’re gonna have to chill out on the food in the day, drop your calorie intake and give yourself plenty of wiggle room for the calories that are going to go in during the night.
3️⃣ Train - It’s important to have some expenditure, get your butt in the gym, train hard, perform some cardio and burn some calories. Damage control at its finest. 🔑 I like to save a good 40% of my calories for a meal or night of drinking and perform a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio pushing upwards of 60 minutes depending.

Great breakfast idea for fry up lovers #sundaymorningfeels

Gotta keep these little numbers - people want to be around people who make them feel great... #tips #feelgood #fuckyouropinion #achieve #success #dontholdback #letsbereal

Who’s ever given these a try? If not, add them to the start of your next leg workout and get them hamstrings firing 🔥 Exercise - Lying DB Hamstring Curl.

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