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Connor Watts 🌴  Professional racing driver cfhs '20

A day at the beach 🏖

Bowling last night was fun. It’s always fun getting us together. Jakes has my back for 5 years almost and Becca has always been there for me.
On another note Jake is single so ladies hit him up @jake.aviation 😂

I’d like to take a moment to thank these people for forming the bonds of friendships. Everybody was super nice. Shoutout to everybody for being funny and real, and thanks to Abby and Emily for having me at your dinner 😂. I will miss each and every one of you, you are all unique and fun in your own ways and that’s what kept it real. #skinnyp #wasthatintentional

Congrats guys you actually graduated 🍾

Last band concert. I’ll miss some of it

It’s not work if it’s fun 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

Banquet was fun tonight

Events like these are great. Nothing but man and machine. No laws, no environmentalists, no speed limit, just a man and his car. One mile to muster the highest speed you can manage. Most cars will never see over 100 regardless of how fast the can go. The Texas mile is a perfect escape from everything that’s against the car, which is unfortunately everyone and everything. Environmentalists are set out on their “God given mission” to brainwash everybody into a “cars are bad” mentality. Cars aren’t doing anything bad. Modern day restrictions, safety and emissions, have restrained the automobile into a shell of manufactured sadness instead of a form of expression, joy, and pleasure. Cars where meant to be loved and bonded to not restricted and driverless. Today a car went 266 in a mile without trying and most cars can’t even do half that and that’s a sad fact. In a world with millennials and others who could care less about driving we must save the automobile for the sheer pleasure of driving and the fun of the automobile. #texasmile

Well my voice didn’t come for this trip but vacation was great. From screaming quotes from Wayne’s world to trying to pick up chicks it was funny

I’m on a boat 🛳

Awards night
1st in spring series
2nd in fall series
Overall champion

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