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Connie Glynn  🌹 Rosewood Chronicles🌹 🌸 🐥 twitter = @ connieglynn ~ London ~

Some of the yummy food I ate in Disney World!! (featuring @hellohannahsnow at the end) My fav was the garlic butter corn on the cob from Epcot 🌽🌽🌽 I think corn might actually be my favourite food 🤔🤔 Did you know you can ask for the #MickeyWaffles to be made vegan? My brother got some and they were even nicer than the regular ones imo. #LostPrincessIceCream #jikothecookingplace #epcotflowerandgardenfestival #CORN #kakigori #epcot #disneyfood

The #bambi bound 🌿🦌 think I might wear this again tomorrow for my birthday 🎂 who’s your fav Disney character? Mine is definitely Bambi! I think that film stirs up a type of melancholy that’s difficult to contend with when you’re a small child and that’s the real reason so many people think of it as traumatic (that’s my theory anyways) 🍂🌷 my Disney trip is nearly over and I’ve got so much footage to edit when I get back I can’t wait!!!! ✨🙌 #disneybound #disneyworld #bambibound

Apparently I’m serving 2016 noodlerella vibes 👻 I took a day off from Disney yesterday to stay in the hotel and finish the #book3 edits and they are DONE!!!! ‘The Lost Princess’ will be out in September and I really think this one is gonna blow you all away ✨✨✨ are you excited!!???? I AM EXCITED!!! 🎉🎉 ears by my very lovely friend @earseverafter #candystripe #candysripewall #disneywalls #disneyworld #shelliemay

This doesn’t go with my theme at all but I’m so happy here in Epcot today 🌿🌱 I love this park with my whole heart and all the people I’m spending my time with are so wonderful! I would very much like to bottle this feeling and save it for a bad day 🌷🌱 ears by @hannahmariemagic #epcot #bambi #disneyworld #disneybound #shavedice #disneyfood

Happy International Women’s day 🌱 When I was at university my professor told me ‘to be a woman, publicly, and without shame, is a protest in and of itself’ and I want to pass those words onto you today. Whoever you are, if you identify as a woman, live with confidence, because you inspire me 💪💕

Having a lovely first day in @waltdisneyworld 🥰⭐️ Adding to my collection of piglet photos as is tradition (ears from @earseverafter ) and don’t worry, I’m filming lots of stuff this time ✨👻 #disneyworld #piglet #pinkdisney is there anything in particular you guys want to see?? 👀

What’s your favourite colour? 🖤
‘Sorry if this is a weird question, but do you actually like the colour pink?’ - the question that spurred my existential crisis. *Pink* certainly brings me a lot of inexplicable joy, but sometimes, when I ponder it very hard, I think I like green just as much, although in my opinion, they’re best when they’re put together 🌸🍃 #pink #green #pinkandgreen

Seeing Captain Marvel tonight 👀💕 (Also for everyone asking, I’m moving house soon, I’m only going to be in this room for a little while until I move hence why I haven’t done a room tour or anything but NEW HOUSE COMING SOON) #cutebedroom #messybedroom #pinkbedroom

Throwback to my #PinkDiamond cosplay!! I realised I haven’t really talked about the end of this era of #StevenUniverse yet!! The whole series is so special to me, and even though I know it’s not over completely, the conclusion of the story so far in ‘Change Your Mind’ felt so affirming, it gave me a warm good feeling and I’m so thankful to Rebecca Sugar for giving us something this enriching. Steven Universe has been like a big warm hug to all of us and I just want to say thanks, thanks for all the music, the lessons in kindness, and, hopefully, for changing people’s minds 🌸⭐️ #ChangeYourMind #pinkdiamondcosplay

🌸 I’m having a pink renaissance 🌸 NEW VLOG UP on my vlog channel where I take you horse riding with me 🐴💕 what would you name a horse if you had one? 🤔 Sweater #gifted from my amazingly cute and talented friend @geeniejay you can get one in her shop!!!

🥦 An ode to broccoli, who is always cooked badly and not given the love it deserves 🥦 SHOW BROCCOLI THE LOVE IT DESERVES BY FOLLOWING THE LINK IN MY INSTA STORY!! 💕💕 There will be more @beano_official cooking vids coming up so make sure to check them out AND GIVE THEM A FOLLOW! #Ad #EatThemToDefeatThem #Crunch

New video going up tonight about Barbie Films 💕🍿 7pm BE THERE!! P.s I finished Russian Doll on Netflix and it has c h a n g e d m e 🐀 also I’m looking for new anime / manga recommendations if people have any please and ty 🌱

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