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セブンイレブン ネットプリント
5N6BJ4J8 (フォト用紙(Lサイズ・カラー))
TGBZBL2D (A4 サイズ・カラー)

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24 mai 2017
A big big set of gift to myself 🎁 schmincke horadam 48 half pans in wooden box and six series 7 winsor & newton brushes. What can be more enjoyable to unwrap them make colour swatch😌 and I'm satisfied with my latte art today too. Happy days❣️

10 mai 2017
Finished and blocked💙 Already working on the next one ☺️

Coming soon..預備中..

28 avril 2017
May stickers set is now open!~ please go to my Facebook page 
Don't forget to like and follow for future posts 💕please DM for printed stickers and liberty bags😊
5月の日付けシートが配信していますね!リンクはFacebook page にあります^ - ^(Facebookアカウントをお持ちでない場合は、以下にコメントしてください😉)@conniegg316#ARdailysticker のタグでpostしてくださると幸いです。

22 avril 2017
New linen summer sweater💙

15 avril 2017
I have finished ❣️❣️I didn't have time to take photos of the progress.. glad that it's done quite quickly. Time to move on to my May daily sticker and Hobonichi😵

1 avril 2017
Swatching for new project designed by michiyo❣️ I love this book just so, so much😍
Michiyo さんの新しい本が大好きですね!フーディプルオーバーをします💕

29 mars 2017
It is finally completed 😭it has been on the top of my to-do list of March. I started this on 4 Feb, not that bad as I work part time, paint hobonichi everyday and daily stickers/date sheet, etc... can't wait to pick a new project to get busy with 💕
ついに完成しました😭私は本当に3月の終わりまでにそれを完了したい! 今本当に忙しいですね,アルバイトや..水彩画やなど... でも私は新しいプロジェクトに取り組むことを楽しみにしています

26 mars 2017
Sticker version is available for sale, please DM😊

It is now open!~ please go to my Facebook page
Don't forget to like and follow for future posts 💕today is also the first day of British summer time~ Hurray~
4月の日付けシートが配信していますね!リンクはFacebook page にあります^ - ^(Facebookアカウントをお持ちでない場合は、以下にコメントしてください😉)@conniegg316#ARdailysticker のタグでpostしてくださると幸いです。

22 mars 2017
April stickers are done🌸 don't miss this -> check out my Facebook page
Liberty bags and stickers are available for order now☺️
四月の日付を完成しました~ -> 💕🌸

19 mars 2017
Yarn hoarder... these are all lovely Portuguese made yarns 😍 never encountered before❣️can't wait to start a new project with them (but I need to finish my flaum first😫)

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