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Connie Cermak  Creative Strategy, Content Marketing, Public Speaker & Artist. #WWJD? Drawings are at @DolbyandMe_Draw 🎨 🐶



Quick guys! Let's go for a walk before a developer buys it!#Montanafornia

No balls to fetch, no sticks to snatch. He just likes to swim while I sit on the dock and watch the sunset. How did you end your day yesterday?

I love to put these essential oils in my diffuser! They make my home smell like a spa while keeping me centered and calm. Let me know if you want to learn more about essential oils!

Bye beautiful. We'll be back before you know it. It's never easy leaving the comforts of my humble little Montana home for Seattle. Seattle is a chaotic city, growing far too fast as a result of Amazon's hiring 6000 people a month. Imagine if we all stopped buying things on Amazon that we could buy locally. I can't help but think about how our desire for instant gratification and ultimate convenience are effecting our nation. Amazon Prime used to include FREE 2 day shipping, but if you start comparison shopping, they often raise the prices to cover the cost of "free." Who suffers? We do. What if we were all a little more patient, and focused on helping small business succeed. In Seattle, there's Amazon Now, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Restaurant, Amazon Video, and more is on the way. I've used their services, and it's convenient, for sure. But I wonder how many small businesses will go out of business in the next year or two as a result of their off the charts growth. I was recently informed that Amazon is hiring 44,000 jobs worldwide. Why are so many people unemployed? Couldn't Amazon create a program that takes some of the unemployed and homeless off the street, provide them with affordable housing, educate them, and put them to work? Instead, I'm surrounded by a homeless population I find tragic and overwhelming, and no solutions to help them except to let them put tents up in a variety of public locations. Of course many are too strung out or mentally ill to educate, but for those who are down on their luck - and I've spoken to a few of them, what can be done to help them? Rent is astronomical, yet vacancy's are high. What are we doing to solve this national problem? I watch the movie "the big short" and I can't figure out what on earth we - as a combined people, can do about all of the hypocrisy.

Sending my sister some samples! When it comes to healing, I'd rather put all natural, God made ingredients in my body than stuff the pharmaceutical companies make.

Caption this for me please!

The sun came out! Beautiful day for a swim. Extra fun pretending to be a sea lion.

Too many months of gray. So I went on a search for pretty and I found it!

Taking a break. Then right back at it. #FueledByGrace

Back in Montana. Ready for sleep! Mixed my favorites for a super slumber. Sweet dreams everyone. @younglivingeo @floralandpineco

Hello Ballard! Looks like Instagram is happy to help you brighten up this grey day! (Always be filtering).

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