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CONZ  just a highlight reel

Happy Birthday Mom.... we all love you so much!!!!!! This is the best we do for family photos 🤷🏻‍♀️

@stagecoach let’s gooooo !!!!!!!! Dis Georgia Peach is takin’ over Palm Springs 😌

Thank you @infinitycre8ive for the @quayaustralia sunnies!!!!!! Swimsuit: @gooseberry.seaside 💜 thank u @natalie_ganzhorn for being my photographer🌼

Have you registered for @forwardcon !? Tickets are going fast!!! Can’t wait to be with 13,000 of my favorite people in just 68 days!!!!!!!! WE HAVE SO MANY SURPRISES PLANNED FOR YALL & ALL I WANNA DO IS SPILL THE TEA.... ALSO TRIBE ANNOUNCEMENTS HAPPENING SOON!!!!

My boyfriend @aaroncarpenter 👦🏻and my son @cjtalks 💁🏾‍♂️🤝

My backyard...homesick :(

“I don’t get it. That sounds really stupid and very dangerous. You couldn’t pay me money to go.” - my dad’s thoughts on festivals .... @revolve #revolvefestival

365 days ago he asked me to be his girlfriend and I hit him with a hard “well kinda yes but you gotta meet my family first..” I love you @aaroncarpenter - you’ve been my most favorite year so far ❤️

Feelin’ sassy at #revolvefestival @revolve 💜

Channeling my inner @arianagrande !!! On my way to #revolvefestival @revolve !!!

Nothing better than #revolvefestival @revolve 🌼🌼🌼