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Don't stop get it get it.

Happy birthday my fellow Gemini cutie 👯👯👯

Check out what myself and an incredible group of people worked on for the last year. Shouts out to those who made it happen with style and grace, you know who you are 😘 Hits @viceland end of June.

HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY VERN! I tried out the "story" option just for this occasion. Thanks for being my forever goon. I love you so much you talented, beautiful, darkly humored daughter of Deirdre ! Wish we were having a pint together right meow. 😜💗

Happy Mamas Day! Forever thankful to have been raised by such a kind and beautiful mom. ❤️💗❤️

Congrats Elena, I love you!!!!

ATTN: Looking for an eclectic home to shoot a music video for LA based band. DM me for more info. If you happen own Liberace's former home even better.

A 🌹for my dad and aloe vera for my burnt ass.

Call me Carlotta.

This post is dedicated to Bill O'Reilly. Shout out to @historicalpix for reminding us women who's boss!

Lady bug landed on your window. Ate some fried chicken.


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