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Busta Rhymes  Official Instagram of Busta Rhymes 🔥THE CONGLOMERATE🔥

Blessed Earth strong to of our hero #MARCUSGARVEY

Hey Daniel Borden the whole world is watching you now too... Thank you @blackwatch07

The whole world is watching you now Peter.

I just got off the plane from France saw the news and felt the need to build with y'all. We are watching the Devil work over time... It is still our duty as the makers, the owners, cream of the planet, Father's of civilization and Gods of the Universe to do our duties and civilize the original man. In doing so this is how we take responsibility of our own reckless behavior and carry out our duty as a civilize people being that it is and has always been in our nature to be civilized which is why "they" have worked so hard to uncivilize us. There is no other way to put it being that "they" wanna be so flagrant with the blatant disrespect and reckless behavior that "they" are carrying on with unsurprisingly being that the behavior they display is within their nature. Justice is the reward or penalty for ones actions or deeds. Only a civilized people with the proper knowledge of self can properly facilitate Justice being carried out in the way that it should be. At that point everything will get dealt with accordingly. Peace to the Gods and Earth's. No man is or will be exempt from facing that powerful day of judgement. Thank you Brand Nubian for the appropriate music for these words. Peace. @lordjamar @sadatx @grandpuba aka Haji Allah

Me and my bro @johnnnne at @gothaclubcannes circa 2015 but wait until u see what happened tonight on HIP HOP's BDAY!!! Woooooooooooow!!!!

Me and @spliffstar_mrlewis on our way to @gothaclubcannes right now... The Cannes, France way... Pull up!! HBD HIP HOP!!! #THECONGLOMERATE

THE LEGENDARY COLD CRUSH BROTHERS AGAIN!!! SUCH IMPECCABLE TIMING WHEN THEY SPIT TOGETHER!!! HBD HIP Do your research!! @therealgrandmastercaz always told me when we first started as LONS that he saw me as little Caz back then. I responded your right you were everything I wanted to be on the mic and in my group. Thank you for everything you gave me and gave the Culture big bro. HBD HIP HOP!! Do your research!!

The Father of Hip Hop on the right in the sheep skin @kooldjherc and his right hand on the left @coke_la_rock when Kool Herc had a problem Coke La Rock was runnin' through the streets with the burner ready to solve the problem!! BROTHERS!! HBD HIP HOP!! Do your research...

AGAIN THE LEGENDARY COLD CRUSH BROTHERS!!! This is one of their classics called FRESH, FLY, WILD AND BOLD!!! Do your research!!! HBD HIP HOP!!!



THE LEGENDARY COLD CRUSH BROTHERS IN ACTION!!! I needed y'all to see, feel & understand these Kings. This is who we wanted to be like as Leaders Of the New School!!! This is who we studied and learned a lot from. HBD HIP HOP!!

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