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A get away 🍂  S a d *:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *:・゚✧ ✧゚・:*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: H o e s *:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ O n l y 💔

I feel like a cloud most of the time, barley existing, Too high to reach, and if you do touch me I fall apart. {Original piece by me}

After growing up and learning that if Pooh bear was a real bear out in the real world he would eat all his friends and be the dominate predator of the hundred acre wood, you realize you can no longer see through the rose colored glasses of childhood ever again-growing pains

I dive into a hole of sadness everyday.

Sometimes I wish that I get a terminal cancer, I know this is wrong, I know this is nothing I should wish for I know that many pray to their gods that they never get this soul snatching disease, but for me at least it would be a end, at my own hands, my body would have ended itself as I wish to do almost everyday, while still getting to blame it on the cancer.

All around the world, you make the girls cry. They are lonely searching for you. Love, everyone is searching for you, where do you hide?

This is my final goodbye. I have died. Of a sorted lovr

The sun goes down the tears come out, haven’t cried in months,with sadness though, I saw no drought. Overflow overflow overflow, my body pours, mind,soul,Body. Feeled with emotion I wear it like the clothes on my skin. If I’m mad I might as well write it on my forehead I can’t hide it. I never wanted you to find me this isn’t a game. Hide and seek, you don’t have to seek my emotions the numbness dulled all I do is feel, overflow overflow overflow. Depression depression depression. All I do is feel. I could sit up top a hill and roll down each hill I climb I get to a new highest point and roll to a lower lower and I never see a plain a end to this struggle. Overflow overflow overflow. What is love?|| #aesthetic #poetry #feelings #hurting #depression #sadniggahours #sadness

If I kill Myself just know that all I ever wanted was the sweet release of death. And that by saying, a carefree soul that is trapped in a prosion of flesh and bone, walking through the paths seeing other prisoners of war trapped in their own hells, crafted with detail to all their nightmares. Minds fabricated with insercurites. We all have them. Things we hate about ourselves. Accept them or not we still hate them. Hearts heavy with judgement not only from our own being but from other tortured beings as well. The chore of having that you can’t not feel. You can’t just not feel anything whenever you want . You cannot turn them off, cannot stop yourself from loving and hurting, from being shattered from a love. The heart trapped behind the bone prison rib cage still wants what it wants, and it will still ache with agony when the other soul is not it’s mate. So when I finally am realsed to be free, just know that is the only time I will experience true freedom therefore true happiness|| #aesthetic #poetry #feelings #hurting #depression #sadniggahours #sadness

Follow me my dear, have no fear I’ll take you someplace carefree, we’ll journey to a land called neverland cmon now just take my hand and you can be happy for eternity, until I leave, for another beauitful stranger whose caught my eye, yes you’ll be lonely, the depression will set in, it’ll make your skin crawl how could I just leave you for another, I said you were the one and only, Fear not I did not tell a fib, you are the one and only, living thing left on my neverland deserted island for the rest are just skeletons in my closet. Oh but wait! Let me give you a kiss, and send you on your way to a forever sleep of death maybe there you can be happy. ||#aesthetic #poetry #feelings #hurting #depression #sadniggahours #sadness

Heart Break solider||Meaningless endings. Happiness comes in small bursts, You were a relief master in this way, you came to bring Fourth all the emotions in my body then slowly painfully abandoned me and made me feel every twist of your knife stabbing at my core. Aching soul and body, I begged for this pain to last. I miss the stringing cramps I mistaked for your love, my mistake was believing that love hurts. Nothing has ever brought me such blight. Nothing hurts as bad as you. Everything is boring. ||#aesthetic #poetry #feelings #hurting #depression #sadniggahours #sadness

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