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Nivedita Jithin  Canine behaviour consulting & pet dog training

Obesity in dogs is not cute. It is a serious health problem and our dogs do not have the ability to communicate their discomfort. Their language is subtle and it takes an experienced eye to spot signs of chronic pain. Please take some time out everyday to exercise them and take care of their nutrition.

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Warning signs that your pet is obese:
1) Difficultly breathing: Does your Dog tire easily after very little physical exertion? Having constant trouble breathing or excessive panting is a sign that your dog maybe obese.
2) Blocky body shape: If you cannot see an upward slope from the base of your dog’s ribcage to the hips irrespective of the breed, your dog maybe obese.
3) Digestive Issues: Does your Dog faces regular bowel problems with repeated bouts of constipation? The reason for this could be obesity as it affects the body’s ability to regulate and cleanse itself.
4) Ribs cannot be felt: When you touch your dog’s chest, you should be able to feel the ribs as well as the spaces between them. If you’re unable to do so then your dog maybe overweight.
5) Moves about gingerly: Obesity majorly affects the dog’s bones and joints which can further result to problems such as arthritis or hip dysplasia. If your dog moves about gingerly or puts in a lot of effort for any movement, he may be overweight.
6) Lack of interest in physical activity: Has your dog suddenly lost interest in playing or being generally active? If he prefers to sleep over a visit to the park then he maybe overweight as carrying extra weight is exhausting for your dog.
7) Reduced Stamina: If your dog continues to do all his activities but not with the same vigour or gets tired easily from small bouts of running around/exercise then it’s time to check on his weight.

Book an evaluation with us now if you think your dog is showing any of the above signs and help him live a healthy life.
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I have been having a very rough week at work with the alarming number of people wanting help for aggression in dogs. For some reason more and more dogs are turning aggressive and innocent families are bearing the brunt of this epidemic. The news article about the dog attack just did it for me today morning.

But then my dogs are always my saving grace.This is Biggie, one of the most special dogs I have worked with, wagging his tail on hearing my name. What more does a girl want?! I am watching this over and over again and grinning from ear to ear.

Thanks for making my day @nhemdev

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How adorable is Otis!!! Does your dog FaceTime???? #Repost @happiness4all (@get_repost)
credit @otis_unleashed. .
Otis is enthralled by videos on the phone and with FaceTime! He does this (and often sticks his nose all the way up to the phone) when he FaceTimes or watches video (and yes, he FaceTimes 🙌😂)! He was watching a video of @willie_the_dood here

One of the biggest mistakes we make while raising puppies is to make excuses for their "puppy" behaviour instead of teaching them acceptable behaviour.

Pebbles is learning to rest and settle down in class while we can discuss her progress and plan ahead. It took her just one session from wanting to sniff every corner in the room and yapping incessantly when not allowed to do so to calmly accepting restraint.
This simple but powerful exercise can ensure a stress free vet visit for Pebbles, enjoyable trips to cafes and I am sure more people would want to invite her home along with her other family members!
P.S. Don't you love the pride on this amazing boy's face.
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You might be tempted to shave your dog, but this beautiful, warm-looking double coat actually allows your dog to regulate her body temperature—so don’t shave it!
The key to keeping your dog cool is to brush, #deshed & combing your #dog regularly. Everyday brushing and combing prevents knots and matts to form which will otherwise trap heat and dirt leading to hotspots and various other skin infections. Daily brushing not only removes loose fur and dander but also stimulates blood circulation keeping the skin and coat healthy. #dogs #doublecoated #labrador #husky #dogrooming #petgrooming

"Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking." - Marcus Aurelius

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Pluto was and is a handful. That's just who he is. He needs lots of exercise and mentally challenging activities. A normal family would have given up on him long back but Shubham and Pratima persevered and now Pluto lives an envious life filled with tons of activities including frequent road trips!!! If you have high expectations from your dog then you should be working with your dog harder and longer than everybody else.

You three have made me very proud today. Thank you so much for hanging in there.

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When you get surprise gifts from your friends and they are just perrrrrrrfeccccttt!

@komalthakker HOW did you know that stationery is my weakness🤗 ?????!!!! Thank you so much for this thoughtful gesture and the hard work behind it. Hugs to you and Rocky!!! @thescribblingworks Thank you for executing this custom idea so beautifully! Most doggie merchandise is very corny and boring but I love this!

There was a time when Phoebe would stop everything she was doing and search for a hiding place if she heard a single dog bark. Here she is playing with her new friend Kumar, from , with dogs barking in the background. (Most of them seemed jealous that a new dog got to play with THEIR Kumar 😋) She has really come a loooong way!

Find out what motivates your dog and use it to guide your dog. Most importantly work at your dog's pace and take it one session at a time. And don't forget to make it fun!

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Can't complain about working on a Sunday when I get to work with an adorable team like this! Arjun is so gentle and understanding with Pebbles and is hell-bent on making her a dog worth showing off!

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Managing multiple dogs means giving each one of them individual time and attention so they are more bonded with YOU than with each other.
The @happytailzgames is a wonderful way to do that. And the dogs love it too!

Look at these clever dogs, Ginger and Snowy, acing the games and not getting into each other's space.
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This adorable girl is up for adoption!

She was my guest for a day and in that small time she figured out what was expected out of her. Just with minimal effort she learned how to be alone by herself, not toilet in the house and to leave Phoebe alone. She even assisted me in one of my workshops and wowed everyone with her calm demeanor in class.

She is an absolute delight and will fit in well as a family dog. She loves to go for walks, play and is great with people, gentle with kids and already lives with other dogs in her foster home.

If you are looking to get home a dog for your family, look no further!

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