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Tally  Talia/Hayley, 24, check @servicedoghenry to see my doggo. Autistic, queer, Jewish.

@servicedoghenry @addams_writes @ladyjddavis and I were at #marchforourlives in #portland today, helping out in the #ada area. Amazing kids said some poignant things today, I could not be more proud. Exhausted and cold now, but glad we came out!

“Don’t sink the boat that you built to keep afloat.” After several years of ignoring this thing on-and-off, I finally put the final stitches into it. Next, it needs a good wash, and i need to find another project! #crossstitch #embroidery

my first time at any #ramen restaurant! @addams_writes and I went to @ramenryoma0703 and it was so good!! absolutely delicious ramen and now my tummy is full and warm 💖🍜💖

probably super early to post, let alone to have set up, but I love how my February month pages are coming out! #bulletjournal #bujo #monthlyspread #bonsai

thank you @nytimes for trying to rain on my parade (but thank u for good reporting) #happynewyear #newyorktimes #fuck2017

Today I went with @addams_writes and @servicedoghenry to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse! It’s so pretty and so well-built. I wish the old keeper’s house was still standing, too... #yaquinahead #lighthouse #newport #newportoregon #oregoncoast

#smoothiebowl for lunch!! very much enjoying the weird trail mix I threw on top, too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #food #smoothie

Add me on #animalcrossingpocketcamp my pals!!

Went to @pinest8biscuits with my mom today. I was hungry, and this was as delicious as ever, and it was gone in about 7 minutes. #food #pinestatebiscuits #biscuitsandgravy

enjoying my first #lushbathbomb since a long time. my first try with the #luxurylushpud and I LOVE it. The water is such a bright pink and it smells just like my favorite year-round bathbomb, twilight. 💖💕🎉

Hey #disabled friends! I’m working on a new video and need some help.
I need examples of character who are made fun of for disabled behaviors and/or limitations, while simultaneously the creators and/or other characters deny any #disability
Comment or PM me with your thoughts! #actuallyautistic #actuallydisabled #disabledandcute

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