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  My loyalty belongs first to God, And second to my State. DEO VINDICE! ✝️

For me it’s a crossbow, what about y’all?

Jesus Christ the internet can be amazing some times😂✊🏼🇺🇸 @rosie

Terrorist life’s don’t matter, can I get an amen?

New patches in Charleston

God bless ye ol Dixie! Credit- @1861loyal

Trumps response after the fuck boy leader of Iran threatened the US. FUCK IRAN!

Damn it Carl!😂

Underestimating can be deadly...

Something I just can’t rap my head around, now I love America and I Love my faith, but this is bullshit. Churches all over the country fly an American flag over a Christian flag. I ask you this church’s, what’s more important, a earthly country or your faith? This is wrong and it NEEDS to stop.

Credit- @fadedred17

Credit- @republic_of_south_carolina can't get enough of Confederate memes...😂

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