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Confashions from Kuwait  Fashion and lifestyle through my eyes

One step forward.. 2 steps back.
#stripes #shoeselfie

A stunning wooden artwork by Amman-based design duo Nisreen and Nermeen Abudail of Naqsh Collective (@naqshcollective). I took this photos at the @vamuseum where their work is showcased as part of the fifth edition of the Jameel Prize, supported by Art Jameel @art_jameel.
If you look closely at the patterns you will see they’re paying homage to traditional Palestinian embroidery. Such an exquisite mural, the photo really does not do it justice.

I' m so glad I kept this pair of blazing beauty by @prada! Completely forgot about them! And now they’re back in style! ✌🏽#theperksofspringcleaning #pradaheels

If I ever ride a 🏍 this will definitely be my helmet! 🌺🍃🌺 took this photo during my visit to ‘Fashioned from Nature' exhibition at the @vamuseum. The exhibition showcases the complex relationship between the fashion industry and nature from 1600’s to present day. So many things displayed were so surreal, like the 1868 dress in the next slide, where 5000 shiny and metallic beatle wings were used to decorate the dress! 😖 it does look pretty though but the thought of having Beatles on my dress makes me feel itchy!

Blending in 🌿🍃🌿🍃 #ootd #lotd #loewe #whatiworetoday #green

Inspiring interiors courtesy of @libertylondon 💜

#visualmerchandising #retailinterior

Tag your art-loving friend for this one! The @vans x #vangogh collaboration showcases the artist’s iconic masterpieces on Vans styles. Pretty cool ha?
Spotted at @theofficialselfridges
#vansxvangoghmuseum #vansxvangogh

I know what you're thinking: florals? how groundbreaking. But they do look lovey don’t they? 😍 by @jenniferbehr at @libertylondon
#floralearrings #statementearrings #jenniferbehr #shoppingfinds

5 gnocchi’s a day... keeps the fat away? 😋 #unlikelybutitsvegeterian

What an artwork! Now that’s visual display 🎯 @harveynichols London.

Wall art by American glass sculptor and entrepreneur @dalechihuly spotted at @harrods 💚 looks familiar? He’s the same sculptor who designed the blown glass chandelier at @mall360.
#wallart #dalechihuly #handblownglass

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