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Conchita Arechiga  be about the hustle, stop making excuses. ▫️ mother ▫️business owner ▫️sports nutritionist ▫️master trainer #teamhourglassfitness @_hourglassfitness

β€’ we were supposed to match today but she wanted the "princess dress" instead of the black romper.

β€’ dolphin kisses. πŸ¬πŸ’‹

" People think it's an obsession. A compulsion. As if there were an irresistible impulse to act. It's never been like that I choose this life. I know what I'm doing and on any given day, I could stop doing it. Today, however, is not that day. And tomorrow won't be either. " - Batman

You got a wake up tomorrow ready to take on the world, one obstacle at a time. If you think that success is going to come easy then you might as will stay asleep. Life is going to beat you down and successes going to make you work like hell. You need to come to terms with what you need to do to get your goals. Just decide who you want to be in life, and don't let anyone or anything steer you off that path. Put in the work, love the grind, and have passion for what you do.

β€’ If you get the chance to,
go swimming with the dolphins. 🐬

β€’ que lugar tan hermoso,
but its time to go home.

β€’ πŸ‘·πŸ½β€β™€οΈβœŒπŸΌ this girl ain't scared of no heights.

β€’ swim up suite.

β€’ beach side riding.

β€’ 🌊✌🏼
I don't know how to swim so I felt like such a rebel unbuckling my life jacket.

β€’ Currently ; Cabo πŸ“πŸšπŸ‘™

β€’ I went shooting for the first time yesterday with my hyna, "say hello to my little friend" @lil_mrs_cass .
after watching multiple videos of girls shooting a shot gun and hitting their face or falling to the ground. I felt like a badass being able to handle that gun like it was nothing. 😏
....but the AK47 has my heart. lol

β€’ all though we all almost called and cancelled on each other we made it,

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