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I also got to meet Young Rising Sons at The 1975 concert, needless to say, they are quite a talented bunch

Intensely fun getting to hang out with Cruisr during The 1975 concert, they have some serious raw talent and I'll definitely be buying tickets to their show when they go on tour

Meeting and hanging out with Cruisr felt a lot like being with your best friends (( part 2 of 2 ))

I met Cruisr during The 1975's set and I can easily say that they are some of the best huggers in the universe (( part 1 of 2 ))

Felt cool being side stage for The 1975, I have always been in the pit at their shows (( Falling For You )) The 1975

(( Don't Go Alone )) Cruisr opening up for The 1975

When they switched names my heart exploded true story

CAKE (Heartbreak Girl)


Right before 18


They were literally right there I'm about to cry (18)

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