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Conal Walker  I don’t think you understand how much I love water. I mean I would die if I don’t have it.


I’m probably the one on the right.
Happy new year.

Best a snowman could snowcan.
Haha funny.

Is that a phone stronger than a Nokia brick?

I like my skies blue and my eggs eggy. I’m not particular I just saw that most of my photos the sky is blue. The egg thing has nothing behind it. It’s just a quote I guess like “I like my desks white and my eggs runny”. I may have heard beforehand and it most gave somehow got into my mind now.

Hey, bad pictures as the dogs eye and the flash but it’s a dog so it’s good enough.

Good dog.

Ruff ruff.

I’m running out of photos to keep my page alive and due to school I have given up on most everything else. Apart from the few things I need to do to survive. Like inhaling and exhaling.

Took 3 attempts but it was worth it. The egg was pretty good so I guess you could say it was.

Quite hot but it was worth it for the beach, no sand. Which was quite a relief as I did not want to be washing sand out of my feet. Pretty good day though.

I took quite the bit ago but I decided I might post it now. Everyone saying they miss where they go. I don’t. Have a good summer though.

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