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j a πŸŒ™ k i e  i put pieces of clay together and paint faces on them

Twin Bob's, and Octavian πŸ±πŸ™πŸ±

Lily 🐸🌸

Today's charms #WIP. I've been incredibly busy/tired lately but I do promise I have plenty of chibis planned. 🍊

Bluebear and Kody are here to join Apple 🐻🐹🐻

Apple, all painted 🍎

#wip ! I'm so tired todayy

custom order sent out the other day ! I have 4 left and then I have more chibis to share this week ❀️🐺🐢🐺

Moogle cake! I would love a real one. the frosting kind of dripped down further than I intended it to, but that's okay! I'm just happy it baked in one piece. πŸŽ‚

Goldie cake! πŸŽ‚ I thought this would be a fun idea, something different from what I'm used to..this is very tiny, a bit larger than a quarter. I plan to make more character cakes soon

Sent all of these out the other week! I was so busy, I didn't have time to individually photograph them, but here's a group photo. it kind of looks like a classroom picture... x'D (yes, I can make custom mayors ^^❣️)

Link ! 🐺 Twilight Princess was the last LoZ game I won.

#wip what I've been working on this week! More made up villagers 🐻

Marina πŸ™

I think Judy would work with Copper and Booker. πŸš” They first need to go after Redd...and maybe Resetti for harassment πŸ˜’

Created a new neighbor for the town. :3 Maybe he is related to Redd? 🦊🍭

#WIP I was watching a certain movie and thought of some new villagers for animal crossing...🦊🐰

they look like they belong to a little carnival. Mashall is the magician, Pietro is the clown, and Ruby is the bunny Marshall pulls from the hat 🎩🎈πŸŽͺ

Kyle! 🐺 More to come.

Tonight's #WIP ! Tomorrow will be a nice peaceful painting day 🎨

remember the figurine I was working on? Here it is completed! I finished this just in time for their contest. I am so tired now though, I stayed up until 5 working on it ,____, i based it off of the PS2 cover, which you can see if you swipe

a little #WIP for you ... After the holidays I am back to work !

Snake! :3

painted and ready for their new homes ! 🐹 After today my Christmas deadline is over but I'll continue making plenty of charms! Thanks for all the support this year!! ❀️

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