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AvLMKR  💲Booking: Call 323-684-5026 👻Snapchat: ComptonAssAv 📱Twitter: @ComptonAvLMKR watch all my videos⤵️

Pull up April 19TH in “PALM SPRINGS” WE LIT!! Hit up @mrr_miami For more info STARTS @ 9PM

I’ll Tell y’all my 3rd wish LATER #StillThuggin

I just wanna know who’s Ready 👁👁 if u are Like This & Comment #StillThuggin 💯 My Debut “ALBUM” is DONE & ALMOST READY TO HIT THE STREETS 🔥🔥🔥

I ain’t got no Family in the music Business or no Homies with Connects!! All i had was me, a Talent that God Gave me & My will to “WIN” 💪🏾 People seen me Work for This i worked my way to my Success 💪🏾 & i kept it Real all the way Here 💯 i Super “GRIND” #StillThuggin MY DEBUT ALBUM ON THE WAY!!

IM ON Tv 📺 Again 💪🏾 i Just Wanna say Thank you To @losangelesconfidential & @wack100 For always looking out for a young #Compton Nigga 💯🙏🏾 #StillThuggin The Album ON THE WAY GET READY!!

i Love every RACE WE ARE ALL EQUAL 🤞🏾 My Debut ALBUM #StillThuggin Coming SOON Who Ready? 👁👁

what’s Ur Favorite Songs By Me?? Because Some BITCH earlier was HATING Saying i was a ONE HIT wonder with #RunMeMyMoney 🤔 WELP HERES A ANOTHER (Khaled Voice) Lol 😂 Youtube Search = Compton Av Money Dance

Drop a Comment if U Fuck with My Song #RunMeMyMoney This Song Changed My LIFE!! My first BIG HIT THIS IS MY BABY 🙏🏾 So many people Tried to steal my SHIT 🙅🏾‍♂️ But we ALL KNOW I STARTED THIS SHIT 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 u Can’t Copy RESPECT 💯

Tag a Person u know that’s Real!! One that Dosent say it BUT PROVES IT 💪🏾 where the REAL NIGGAZ AT 💯 #stillthuggin MY ALBUM ON THE WAY!!

If ur All for unity LIKE This & Drop a Comment ✊🏾🤞🏾💪🏾 we’re stronger TOGETHER 🤞🏾”Our people” Official video OUT NOW!!-> Youtube Search = Compton Av DRUMMER Our people Offical video

Cardi B Turnin up To my Song RUN ME MY MONEY!! TELL HER It’s ALL LOVE Just Dont Diss THE “CRIPS” NO MORE!! @iamcardib 💯 But YEA WE LIT #RunMeMyMONEY is a CLASSIC!! I created a Monster Youtube Search = Compton Av Run me my Money 😈 #STILLTHUGGIN the Album is on the way!!

I grew up Bangin Pac They gone Grow up Bangin “Av” My Debut Album #StillThuggin Coming Soon 🔥 I PUT SO MUCH WORK INTO THIS ONE ALL I ASK IS THAT YALL BE READY 🙏🏾

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