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Alpha_Prototype_Nutrition  ᎪmᎬᏒᎥᏟᎪᏁ jᎬᎠᎥ🇺🇸 ⒺⒶⓉⒸⓁⒺⒶⓃ🍏 Lifting my weight 🏋🏽 уσgι 🌒 ᎦT ᎮᏘUL MᏁ❄️ Strengthwraps -10% promo RODSTAYSFIT10 r̠o̠d̠s̠t̠a̠y̠s̠f̠i̠t̠@g̠m̠a̠i̠l̠.c̠o̠m̠

This was my first time lifting any weight other than kettlebells in the last month 1/2 to focus on endurance, mobility and body weight/ calisthenics. I’m talking NO Deadlifts, NO squats, NO cleans, so you could imagine, it was a little rough; not to mention I forgot my oly shoes at home. Despite it all I felt pretty good and just need to get back at it! Always rocking my @strengthwraps 💪🏼

Simple garlic, onion and cheese omelette to get my day going. Look at that glow!! filter

But there is no room to do ring muscle ups, whatever will I do!!???....ahhh, L-sit muscle ups.

3 rounds without dropping weight (48.5lbs) followed by a fun 3 mile run. .
10KB Swings
5KB Snatch per arm .
Incorporating kettlebells into my workouts have hands down increased my overall muscular endurance, core strength and body awareness. If your looking for a challenge or just want to improve your overall fitness, GET AT THOSE KETTLEBELLS!! .
(My favorite!) American wrist wraps by @strengthwraps ⬅️CHECK THEMOUT!! .
22Kg kettlebell by @kettlebellkings

Are you eating enough fruit in your diet?

I love making this! Fresh fruit with granola, plane Greek yogurt and honey helps curb my appetite; not to mention, it’s delicious!!

I began my handstand journey because to me, controlling my body in a position that seems crazy to most (upside down) was the most challenging thing I could do.
Over the years I took notes from others, I learned about how my body bends, falls and twists; I developed new techniques and balancing styles incorporating yoga, breathing techniques, dynamic warmups and strength movements that have all helped me build a solid foundation on which to grow upon. .
Every day is a new day, look at it as a new opportunity to build a better you. 🙏🏼

Having fun working on two of my favorite movements, L-sit holds and planches! .
Build your core up with L-sits! You can do them hanging from a pull up bar, or on a dip bar, you can do them on the ground or upside down, you can do them on some Olympic Rings among other things....ok I’m done, you guys get it.

I just want all the creamy cheeses. I want the layers of flavor, I want the sweet and the spicy, I want the warmth after I know I ate too much but who cares because it’s nap time. .
Put me into a food coma and only wake me up if your intentions are cheesy.

I’ve found that when it comes to a lot of movements especially bodyweight/calisthenics body awareness crucial. I use the camera to recap how my body moves so I can make corrections to improve myself over time but during a moment such as the 90 degree push-up, it’s good to have a someone there to help make spot corrections. . This was my fifth attempt, the last four without a spotter, so @hal_bell_ was there to help yell words of motivation at me and ensure I was a level to the ground as possible, thanks! 🙏🏼use the tools you have to better yourself, grab a knowledgeable spotter even if your doing pushups to ensure good form! 💪🏼

Live a little bit; it’s good to balance comfort and fear. @strengthwraps

I call this...the taco burger. This burger is simple yet elegant; a hand crafted beef patty with all the butter and fat consisting but not limited to, red onions and garlic, spicy jalapeño peppers and green onions. All of this deliciousness is wedged in-between a small but sturdy toasted and heavily buttered Naan bread covered with hot melted American and mozzarella cheese because I’m a fuckin adult and decide how much cheese I want on my food...yup...ALL OF IT!!

I incorporate bodyweight, calisthenics, mobility/flexibility drills, lifting, yoga, gymnastic movements, Olympic and kettlebell movements in my weekly workouts as well as mixing them together daily to stay well rounded. .
This was the last set of 4 deadlifts at 315lbs for 6 sets returning to the starting position after each rep; each set is completed with a handstand hold. @mi5fitness @armyfreshfitness @militaryfreshfitness

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