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✨💘  🏹three owners 💘kate, angie, and kengo

-angie I feel like me and kengo are the only ones that post in here 😂 tag her!
CREDIT: @kickassslimes
I luvvvv this sm

Dark colored slimes compilations! Collab with @slimyfeed! He did a pastel compilation! -@slimeygarbage
Credits (not in order): @snoopslimes @audeezslimes @rad.slime @slimebysara._ @kickassslimes @slimepeony @theprimeslime @yumyum.slime

Hey guys hope you enjoy -angie 💕
Credits in order:
@slay.slimes (2) @slime.kween @slime.bun @slimebysara._ @slimehalo @tibbleslimes Via @crunchslimes

What are you going to be for Halloween? I’m going to be a Trader Joe’s employee! Also go tag her pls! @aeslimeic
-kengo 🏹

Last one for the night :)
CREDITS: @glitter.slimes
-angie 💕

Hey guys it’s Angie here 💕 (@bonitaslimes)
Credits: (not in order)
@muggle_slimes @fluttershy.slimes @slimejellies

Hi it’s @slimeygarbage! This is our new compilation account inspired by @slimeycompilations! I say our because I will share this account with 2 of my other friends @bonitaslimes and @slimesausages! -
Credit: (not in order)
@slimesausages @glitter.slimes @glitterslimestaff @slime_og @slim3tutorials @slime_city_bitch_ @muggle_slimes @parakeetslimes @dianaslimes @galaxyofslimee @audeezslimes

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