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Erik Cruz  10PJJ Black Belt Co-Owner @ 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Pasadena SAG-AFTRA (imdb/ErikDanielCruz) Emcee (

@toddphillips1 is about to save the DC cinema universe. 🤡🤡😆😆 Holy shit, I can’t wait for this one!

Moms Bday; Spent the evening at a Japanese palace with the 2 most beautiful women in the world 😎 #luckyman #igotjokes #yamashirohollywood #bdaygirl

About a year ago; no special diet or workout plan. Just get on the mats and roll 👊🏽💪🏽 Kinda looks like I’m surprised by how loud the fart came out...come up with your own caption 😜 #jiujitsu #ihateworkingout #10thplanetpasadena

“I dunno doc, it just seems like I’m everybody’s punching bag sometimes...” #10thplanetpasadena #10thplanetjiujitsu #grappling #grapplingdummy #psychologist #therapy

The indomitable Bill Hicks. First time I heard this excerpt was on a Tool album. 👤👁 🧠⬆️

Evil attire.

I was looking for a piece of wall art for the living room that could run vertically and I finally found this scroll at a flea market in Kona. With the wifeys seal of approval it made its way home with us. Everyday it’s a reminder of our true intentions. #kona #buddha #wallart

It is my great pleasure to promote Steve Needleman to brown belt in the 10th planet jiu-jitsu system! Steve has been taking private lessons consistently over the last 3 years(started as a purple in the Gi) and has shown both knowledge and proven execution of the 10th planet system of no-gi grappling. He recently had to take some time off due to knee surgery, but as soon as he was given the OK, he was back on the mat. Quitting was never an option. Super proud of this stubborn old man! #hardwork #brownbelt #nogi #10thplanetjiujitsu #levelup #compella

Love/life, Life/love 🙏🏽

Truer words have never been spoken! My man @taitfletcher knocked it out the park with this one! #balance #life #apotheosis

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