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Carla Hughes  Breastfeeding Baby wearing Attachment parenting Vegan 💚💚💚💚💚💚

Repost from @boochaces using @RepostRegramApp - This is a video that haunts me. I am an ugly crier - so I do not post these videos for compliments. I also do not post them to receive consoling comments. I post videos like this one so you can see the truth and reality of the frontlines. I went there to save three babies but left the slaughter barn with approximately a dozen - all products of the wool, meat and dairy industry. I remember walking into the disgusting shack and being hit with the scent of feces, pus and blood. I remember cracking jokes with the owner. She was surrendering a handful of animals to me, so I played it cool - as one must do in these situations. Immediately after leaving, I pulled over on the side of the long dirt road because I was sobbing so hard that I could barely breathe. I remember screaming and pounding my steering wheel. I also remember wanting the world to see the horror in my face and in my voice, so I made a quick video. The images of those who still faced death filtered in and out of my mind the entire EIGHT hour drive home. Rancho Relaxo’s brand new truck had diarrhea from door handle to door handle. Abscesses were bursting onto the seats. I could not roll down the windows due to it being below freezing outside. Keep in mind, these babies were on the verge of being slaughtered for human consumption. Riddled with disease and infection, in your mouth they go. I was told that butchers scoop out any abscesses they find and salvage the rest of the meat to sell. This day was tragic but also beautiful. This day, I was reintroduced to one of my past life soulmates - Chewie. She stood on the floor of the passenger’s seat, staring up at the window, watching the colors change as I drove. I was mesmerized by her the second I saw her in the butcher’s arms - which is why I physically approached him and took her out of his clutch. That was the boldest thing I have ever done in my rescue career - I think. I just want people to feel what they feel. I want people to understand that they mean so much more than what we do to them for our selfish pleasures. If you are interested in going vegan, @_challenge22_ is a good place to start! 🙏

After getting a mouthful this morning for promoting a carb and sugar full diet as healthy (didn’t realise I had)...I thought I better post a healthy vegan meal.....or not 🤷🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️
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Do you know pigs are only 6 months old when they’re sent to slaughter 😢

Repost from @matt_cama using @RepostRegramApp - How can people eat this lil amazing beings? 🐷😢⁣

Pigs live for 10-15 years, but at around 6 months old they’re slaughtered for food.⁣

Six. Damn. Months. 🙁⁣

What a crazy thought that people are literally eating little babies for breakfast, lunch and dinner.⁣

Btw I used to do the same so no judgment.⁣

Purchasing bacon knowing that a lil baby had his/her entire life taken for 5 minutes of pleasure in your mouth isn’t worth it.

Choose compassion #LoveAllLivingBeings

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon

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