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Commute Artist  The #commuteart account of NYC based #caribbean born @jerlynthomas. I draw on my iPad during my commutes by train, car & airplane. #commuteartist

Today’s piece drawn on the way to work

Trying new brushes tonight on my #latenightcommute #commuteart

Drew this for #commuteartwear before but wanted to try new brushes. Drawn on the bus on the way to work from the pool. I swam 1.6 miles again today. #135kstylechallenge

Always wanted to illustrate a piece of people just looking at their phones... #lookup #135kstylechallenge

What I wore today. No time to clean up the photo. Drawn on iPad on the bus. #commuteartwear

Completed tonight on my iPad while heading home from work on the bus 🚌 found this on @brienneyvonne page. #drawthisinyourstyle #135kstylechallenge

As usual, can’t help drawing @followthelita. Drawn on my trip to Block Island, RI on my iPad

Today’s piece based on the internet’s first digital supermodel. #135kstylechallenge

Great to warm up to this piece. Back to illustrating the books 😊

Always wanted to draw Leiomy. Did on my iPad finally on the way to West Point to cycle 30 miles. #135kstylechallenge

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