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Shit is getting real in Korea and things are only going to get worse. May Kim Jong-Un guide Korea threw this hardness and achieve what seems to be the impossible.

I like how every little thing that happened in the Soviet Union, STALINS FAULT. That is obviously not true. Natural evens? STALIN PAYED IT TO HAPPEN! That is what the capitalist think. This improbable non the less impossible. Comrade Stalin would actually be saving people! Let's put this into your mind. For every single little person a police kills, who's fault is it? TRUMP! Every person that staves, who fault is it? TRUMP! Every person that gets murdered, whose fault is it? TRUMP! Yeah yeah yeah doesn't sound just right now does it? But that's what you are saying about Stalin are you not?

Comrade Stalin. Stalin never did anything wrong, you expect to believe that decades of anti-stalin government, and the Capitalist propaganda, but when they get a person from Stalin's era they are in full support of him. Even people that have been to a gulag before, they still find Stalin a glorious leader. No doubt Stalin was a great leader!

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