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Who drank the best wine this weekend?
Tag me, or comment below. Show off a bit!

Cab Sauv:
If you love big, flavorful, fruit forward #CabernetSauvingon that isn’t too dry or tannic, you’ll want to snag one from Paso Robles.

Dessert Wine: These beauties can be a bit TOO sweet for a lot of people, but a big part of that is because people are drinking them alone after dinner (as the name would suggest). Instead, try a Tokaji, Sauternes or sweet Riesling with that Meat & Cheese Board appetizer.
Those salty, funky, cured flavors will help give the sweet, sweet nectar some balance and purpose. Think Brie Cheese cover in Apricot Jam, Prosciutto and Fig, Nick and Jess. That salty/sweet combination will quickly win you over. Try it out!

Sure, you know Bordeaux, Loire and Burgundy produce some amazing white wine...but, France is full of fringe regions that can also knock your socks off at a very reasonable price point.

Cremant de Bourgogne is an excellent budget replacement for Champagne.
And why wouldn’t you go with a brut rosé!?

Spanish wine cannot be overlooked.
If you love big, lush, flavorful need to explore what Spain has to offer.

You love Pinot Noir, you love Pinot Gris...but have your tried their other sibling Pinot Blanc?
They are a bit rounder, and lean more towards crisp apples compared to Pinot Gris’ citrus. Give it a try the next to you make a buttery pasta dish or brats.

I always chuckle a bit when people talk about how much they love soft, supple, chocolatey Cabs...and then make a face when I mention they should try Merlot at some point.
Just like any wine, there is some bad #Merlot out there. But, when you find a good one...they can be as velvety and supple as wine gets.

Tag the biggest Barolo fan you know.

Not a bad Tuesday!

Russian River Valley: Some of #California’s best #PinotNoir comes out of Russian River Valley. A moderate climate keeps the Pinot elegant and precise, while the region’s sandy loam soil bumps up the aromatics.
Snag one the next time you’re in the market for a New World Pinot.

Chardonnay: If you love clean, crisp Chardonnay, and want to avoid California’s big BUTTER need to stick with French (Burgundian) #Chardonnay.

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